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Brighter Child & Finite Monkey, Inc.

Doug Brown
President and lead developer

"We are using Director to develop educational, interactive titles based on the 'Spy Kids' movies and many of the features in Director MX 2004 will increase our productivity on future projects. The JavaScript syntax is highest on my list of new features to love in Director, and the improved Flash integration is also phenomenal. The ability to use Flash components natively in Director is a terrific addition. Our development workflow always includes a combination of Director and Flash, so any integration along those lines is always welcome. Director is the only tool on the market that allows for CD development of this type in this short a timeline and on the kind of budget that the children's software market demands."

CanDo Interactive

Mal Duffin

"Director MX 2004 brings a new level of interactivity to web and CD content developers. The new 3D enhancements, along with the existing Havok physics engine, greatly enhance the ability to develop fast-action 3D interactive games and virtual products."

Catalyst Pictures Ltd.

Nik Lever

"Director has always been a good tool for multimedia developers and, since the addition of 3D in version 8.5, terrific online 3D games have been possible. But developing 3D content required us to work with the strange world of Lingo to access these features. With Director MX 2004, this all changes and now we can write code in familiar JavaScript syntax. I'm looking forward to developing projects where we can use this great new feature."

Del Padre Visual Productions, Inc.

Nino Del Padre

"Our company develops high-impact video and interactive media, so the DVD capabilities in Director MX 2004 will enable us to keep our clients on the cutting edge. We are currently developing our 2004 interactive showcase disc, a hybrid DVD that will play on standard DVD players and also serve up high-quality DVD video on Windows or Macs within a slick interactive environment created in Director MX 2004 including a user interface built with Flash MX 2004. Just when you think Director can't get any better, Macromedia does it again!"

Fuel Industries, Inc.

Brian Robbins
Senior creative technologist

"The numerous enhancements and improvements to Director MX 2004 have already increased our productivity and had a positive effect on the quality of our work. The improved publish process makes it easier for us to make revisions and have them published for testing. The authoring improvements make our entire work process better, and the Flash enhancements significantly improve the performance of our projects. Overall, this is a very solid upgrade to an already outstanding product."

Integration New Media, Inc.

Jason MacDonald
Multimedia project manager

"After testing Director MX 2004 in a variety of tough situations, I can safely state that Macromedia is offering developers a means to dramatically improve productivity. The self-contained Flash components and sprite naming features alone deserve applause: You can now create self-contained objects that can be reused in any situation without dependencies on graphics, sprites, and behaviors, and sprite naming has allowed us to create code that is no longer dependant on score layouts. The improvements built into this new version of Director are really on target!"



Adobe Director 11.5 review by Michael Burns
June 23, 2009

"With version 11.5, HD has arrived for Director and the Shockwave player in the form of support for H.264-video. With this on board you can now provide full-screen, HD video in multimedia applications and games authored in Director – MP4, F4V, and FLV file formats are now natively supported."

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3D World Magazine

Director 11 By Lance Evans
August 15, 2008

"Tired of rendering your 3D masterpieces to video? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to hand your 3D scenes to your clients, with all the models, maps and lights included, and have them view it interactively? Or even to create a 3D game with your datasets? If so, Director 11 promises to do all this for you – and more."

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Product Review Adobe Director 11 By Kelly Murdock
July 30, 2008

"Overall, Director 11 is stronger than ever with a list of key new power features such as DirectX 9 support and physics. Coupled with a strong feature set of an experienced tool that has thousands of games and interactive projects to its credit, the new features launches Director into new ground and makes it competitive with other much costlier solutions."

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Merrily Miller and David Rosenblatt
July/August 2004 issue

4.5 out of 5: "Macromedia Director is the King Kong of interactive multimedia authoring programs! You'd have to search a lot of jungles to find any other authoring program that has as many features as Macromedia Director."

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AV Video Multimedia Producer

By Dylan Wood
August 4, 2004

"Director's new DVD-video support is something that has real potential. In my opinion, this feature can lead to new ways of deploying kiosks and DVDs."

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PC Magazine

Richard V. Dragan
April 20, 2004

4 out of 5 stars: "Aimed at professional multimedia, web, game, and even enterprise developers, Macromedia Director MX 2004 adds polish and new reach to an already powerful multimedia authoring tool. This strong release features support for new media file types, better Flash integration, and several key user interface improvements."

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Creative Mac

Kevin Schmitt
March 26, 2004

"Quite simply, they nailed it. Director MX 2004 has some great new features, is a more economical product for cross-platform publishers and, most importantly, has a real future."

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Jennifer Kyrnin

"If you're a professional web designer, Flash developer, or multimedia developer, you should get Director."

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Community MX

Tom Green

"The introduction of these changes, and more, to Director MX 2004 gives developers a complete suite of rich media production tools."

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Neil Jones
June 2003

"[But] Director MX does something else: It gives designers tools for creating multimedia content that can be deployed across a wide range of media: CDs, DVDs, kiosks, downloadable applications, and the web. Think of it as an all-in-one multimedia tool. If you're building content that may include text, hypertext, audio, high-resolution still images, digital video, animation, 3D modeling, and Flash content, this is the application to use."

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Patrick Baggatta
March 2003

4 out of 5 stars: "Great. Since its inception in 1987, Macromedia Director has been king of the multimedia-creation hill. From advanced presentations and video collages to animation and interactive 3D games, if you can dream it, you can build it using Director."

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PC Plus Editor’s Choice Award 2008

PC Plus Editor’s Choice Award 2008

Adobe Director 11

Adobe Director 11 wins the PC Plus Editor’s choice award, and a 5-Star Product rating. PC Plus calls Director 11 as a "confident upgrade", stating that it will satisfy multimedia developers and converts alike.

Presentations Magazine

Best Multimedia Authoring Solution

Director MX 2004

Presentations Magazine has given Director MX 2004 the 2004 Standing Ovation Award for the best professional multimedia authoring solution in its December 2004 issue. The Standing Ovation awards honor "the absolute best products of the year" and are selected by the magazine's editors, columnists, and a network of experts.

eMedia Editor’s Choice

eMedia Editor's Choice

Director MX 2004

"They've made Director, the software choice of multimedia developers for years, more relevant than ever by incorporating more modern development choices....This year they take it several steps further by adding new features that should make multimedia developers stand up and take notice."

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PC Plus Performance Award

PC Plus Performance Award

Director MX 2004

As Director MX 2004 branches into the DVD arena, we can be sure that we'll be in for some interesting developments as dedicated multimedia authors find another avenue to explore."

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