Easily create web applications using built-in HTML5 support.

Adobe ColdFusion on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an affordable way to access the powerful features of ColdFusion Enterprise Edition.

Meet ColdFusion on Amazon Web Services.

Build high-performing, enterprise-ready applications that scale dynamically to meet your business needs. Easily create interactive web applications leveraging unique built-in HTML5 support. And make your websites more secure with formidable security standards.
Faster time-to-market
Deploy ColdFusion -based enterprise applications quickly without purchasing the software or investing in hardware. ColdFusion on AWS comes with Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that let you apply the ColdFusion image directly on an Amazon instance.
Lower cost
Eliminate high upfront costs and reduce your ongoing costs. Start using the ColdFusion server for as little as $0.15/hour (underlying platform cost not included). Pay only for the cloud resources used, and get Adobe support for ColdFusion AMIs on Amazon EC2.
Greater scalability
Scale resources based on demand using the readily available, highly reliable AWS cloud computing platform and durable technology setup with industry-recognized certifications and audits built and managed by Amazon.

Feature highlights


HTML to PDF conversion
Use the improved conversion engine from Adobe to generate superior quality PDF files from HTML pages. The engine parses the CSS and applies its settings to ensure that the content in the PDF file appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining its formatting, layout and hyperlinks.
PDF digital signatures and archival 
Make PDF files more secure with electronic signatures. Let your users sign, certify and validate PDF files to establish document authenticity and integrity. Leverage new archiving capabilities to enable preservation of electronic files as long-term, self-contained documents of record.
PDF manipulation with Document Description XML (DDX) 
Leverage full access to DDX to manipulate PDF documents. Perform advanced tasks, such as adding comments, bookmarks, file attachments and headers and footers with automatic page numbers. Customize the appearance of your PDF files by setting page margins, size and rotation.
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Customer stories

The employee recognition platform built on Adobe ColdFusion enables organizations to recognize, engage, and inspire people at work.
Enterprise resource planning tools built and deployed with Adobe ColdFusion put information and people to work to improve revenue.
Global software services firm uses Adobe ColdFusion to maximize performance of auto racing sites hosted in a scalable Amazon Cloud infrastructure.
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Turning up the heat on mobile application development with ColdFusion.

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