Tu propio estudio de producción de vídeos

Un estudio de producción de vídeos propio en tu ordenador de sobremesa. Ahorra tiempo, dinero y esfuerzo al crear, editar y mezclar vídeos en HD interactivos. Transformarás tu experiencia de visualización de vídeos. Ofrece una experiencia de visualización sin interrupciones en distintos dispositivos y habilita de forma automática el contenido para análisis.

Interactive videos. Do It Fast. Do It Yourself.


Create, edit and publish rich, interactive HD videos in just 3 steps. Capture anything on your screen or your webcam feed, or bring in videos from your tablet, phone, or any external source. Mix them any way you want and include quizzes to better engage viewers. Use your videos for product demos, distance learning, customer support, as marketing collateral or social media content, and more.


Experiential videos. Say goodbye to boring.


Transform your videos from drab to fab. Achieve studio-like quality in seconds using dynamic background replacement. For example, switch from your mundane office setting to the hustle and bustle of Times Square, or turn your home office into a corporate branded backdrop. Enrich videos with a wide range of customizable backgrounds, effects, annotations, branding elements, introductory and concluding clips, and more.

Publish and track videos. Reach out. Find out.


Reach your audiences where they are and discover their viewership and interaction patterns. Make your videos easily accessible by publishing them as HTML5 or MP4 to a wide range of options, such as YouTube, Vimeo, desktops, and tablets. Get insights via analytics on content consumption when you publish to various platforms.

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