The more you know, the better you connect.


Profiles and audiences give you the only complete and actionable view of your customers.



Bridge the data divide.
Marketers use both authenticated and anonymous data, but leveraging the two has been difficult, until now. Only Adobe can connect you with all your data. And your customers.

What are profiles and audiences?


They bring all of your Adobe and first-party data together to create a comprehensive view of your individual customers. And the more your customers interact with you, the more complete your profiles and audiences become.

What is profile management?

What's in profiles and audiences?

Elements of profile management.
Shared audiences


Profiles and audiences capabilities use a common ID to identify audiences across Adobe solutions so insights taken from one solution can be applied in another.

Master marketing profile


Profiles and audiences capabilities can take in any first-party data to create a shared audience library that creates a more complete view of the customer.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the answer to your marketing problems.

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