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  Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3
Creative Cloud Libraries including Linked Assets
Integration with Adobe Stock  
New asset export
Multiple instances of layer styles
Device Preview and Adobe Preview CC companion app
Glyph panel
Real-time Healing Brush
Content-Aware Move and Content-Aware Extend with scaling and rotation
Automatic Content-Aware Fill for stitched panoramic images
Guide set creation and presets
Linked Smart Objects        
Improved Layer Comps        
Blur Gallery motion effects and additive noise        
Focus Mask        
Smarter Smart Guides        
Desktop fonts from Adobe Typekit        
3D Printing support        
Font Search and instant font preview        
Improved Windows 8.1 touch and stylus support        
Windows HiDPI support        
Mercury Graphics Engine performance boosts in Healing Brush, Smart Sharpen and upsampling        
Technology previews including Design Space (Preview), English only        
Perspective Warp        
Adobe Generator        
All-new Smart Sharpen        
Camera Shake Reduction        
Adobe Camera Raw 9 and Camera Raw as a filter        
Extended features included        
Workflow time-savers        
Content-Aware Move      
Content-Aware Patch      
Mercury Graphics Engine      
New and reengineered design tools      
Intuitive video creation      
All-new Crop tool      
New Blur Gallery      
Preset migration and sharing      
Improved Auto Corrections      
Background Save      
Complex selections made easy    
Content-Aware Fill    
Puppet Warp    
HDR Imaging    
Painting effects    
Automatic lens correction    
Adjustments panel  
Masks panel  
Enhanced auto-alignment of layers  
Enhanced auto-blending of images  
Extended depth of field  
Smoother panning and zooming  
Fluid canvas rotation  
Content-Aware Scale  
Nondestructive Smart Filters
Quick Selection and Refine Edge tools
Automatic layer alignment and blending
Asset management with Adobe Bridge
Enhanced Vanishing Point
Enhanced Merge to 32-bit HDR
Black and white conversion
Improved Curves adjustment
Adjustable cloning and healing