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What's new in Creative Cloud
Latest update: September 19, 2017
Adobe Spark

Create branded stories

Quickly create unique graphics, web pages, and video stories with your own logos, colors, and other brand elements. Now included as part of any Creative Cloud plan.
Adobe Video Tools

A sneak peek at our latest releases

Check out the latest updates being unveiled at IBC, including Responsive Design for motion graphics, workflows for 360/VR, and more to speed you from first cut to final production.
Adobe Premiere Pro

Gorgeous graphics, titles and audio

Use the Essential Graphics panel to edit Motion Graphics templates and create titles right in your Program Monitor. And get pro-quality sound with new audio effects and integration — no expertise required.
Adobe After Effects

Motion Graphics templates

Turn your comps into Motion Graphics templates that others can edit in Premiere Pro. Plus, with new Camera Shake Deblur, you can rescue unusable footage by removing motion blur.
Adobe Audition

Multichannel audio made easy

Mix, edit, and create audio content for video and broadcast with multitrack mixing, waveform editing, and an improved spectral display.
Experience Design CC (Beta)

User experience design and prototyping

Adobe XD now supports layers, symbols, and commenting on shared prototypes (Mac OS X only). Also, initial Windows 10 release available now.



Adobe Premiere Pro

Streamlined video editing

Power up your production pipeline with redesigned captions, Lumetri Color enhancements, and more. Collaborate on shared sequences or compositions with Adobe Team Projects (Beta).



Photoshop CC

In-app search

Quickly search Photoshop tools, panels, menus, Help content, and tutorials from within the app using a new search panel.



Illustrator CC

Pixel-perfect artwork

Draw paths and shapes that seamlessly align to the pixel grid. Align existing artwork with a single click or by using simple transformations.



Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver reimagined

We’ve transformed Dreamweaver to make it faster and leaner, with a more modern interface, a new Developer Workspace, and an intuitive experience for designers who code.
After Effects CC

Faster effects and performance

Speed up your workflow with a new 3D rendering engine, better preview performance, more GPU-accelerated effects, and faster Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro.
Project Felix

Easy 2D and 3D compositing

With this new beta release, you can create photo-realistic images — including product shots and scene visualizations — using models, materials, and lights. No 3D expertise needed.



Lightroom for mobile

Raw support on mobile

Lightroom for mobile now lets you capture, edit, and share Adobe raw DNG photos on your iOS and Android devices. Sync your photos and edits back to Lightroom on your desktop.



Character Animator CC

2D character animation

Performance improvements make it faster to build interactive puppets you can animate in real time using your webcam and microphone.



Photoshop Sketch

Photoshop brushes in Sketch

Photoshop Sketch now supports brushes from Photoshop CC. Save your favorite brushes to your Creative Cloud Libraries and start using them in your Sketch artwork on your iPad.



Lightroom for mobile

Local adjustments on the go

Selectively apply exposure, brightness, clarity, and other adjustments to a specific part of a photo. Available for iPhone and iPad.



Photoshop Lightroom CC

Lightroom for Apple TV

View and share your Lightroom photos and create an immersive experience at home on your big-screen TV.



Photoshop CC

Properties panel enhancements

The Properties panel now displays information about common layer types as well as the document, so it’s easier to make precise adjustments.



Photoshop Lightroom CC

Boundary Warp

Boundary Warp stretches the edges of stitched panoramas so you don’t have to crop out any important details.



Photoshop CC

Tighter integration with Adobe XD

Now you can copy SVG elements to your clipboard to easily paste Photoshop design assets into Adobe XD.



InDesign CC

New footnote capabilities

Create footnotes that can span multiple text columns in a specific frame or across entire documents.



Animate CC

Integrated virtual camera

Use the built-in V-cam to pan and zoom in and out on your animations just like you would with a video camera. The V-cam also lets you add tints and filters.



Creative Cloud Video Apps

Powered-up production pipeline

Adobe’s family of video apps offers better performance, tighter integration, and new features that help you create state-of-the-art productions faster.



Premiere Pro CC

Auto-aware VR

Premiere Pro automatically detects whether your virtual reality video is monoscopic or stereoscopic and applies the appropriate settings.



Premiere Pro CC

Direct Behance publishing

Publish your video productions directly to your Behance portfolio — no need for separate export or uploading.



After Effects CC

3D rendering engine

Create and edit 3D elements like extruded text and shape layers right inside After Effects with the new 3D rendering engine that uses Cinema 4D technology.



Premiere Pro CC

Live Text template improvements

Share Live Text templates between After Effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe Typekit fonts automatically sync and update across your projects.



Audition CC / Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Audition audio effects

New real-time audio effects give you better sounding output and improved fidelity when you roundtrip projects with Premiere Pro.





Premiere Pro CC

Improved captions

New captions features let you manipulate text, alter duration and location, and create open or closed captions from scratch.



Premiere Pro CC / After Effects CC

Accelerated Dynamic Link

Faster performance reduces the need for intermediate rendering and delivers higher frame rates during playback.



Premiere Pro CC

Keyboard shortcut mapping

Use a visual map to quickly find, adjust, and customize keyboard shortcuts.



Premiere Pro CC

Lumetri Color enhancements

The Lumetri Color panel offers new color pickers for making selections right in your video. Work with HDR10 files, and get better support for color space metadata.



Team Projects (Beta)

Collaboration on shared productions

Team Projects (Beta) lets multiple editors work simultaneously on shared sequences or compositions in real time across their video apps. Available for teams and enterprise customers.
Previous Creative Cloud releases include:
Photoshop CC

Content-Aware Crop

When you use the Crop tool to rotate an image or expand your canvas beyond the image’s original size, Content-Aware Crop intelligently fills in the gaps.



Now available: Illustrator CC. New Shaper tool.

Fast asset export

Select assets from your artboards and export them to multiple sizes, resolutions, and formats with just a click.
Capture CC.

Pattern creation

Turn photos from your mobile device into colors, shapes, and now patterns that you can use in your Photoshop projects.



Photoshop Sketch

Layers and editable brushes

Sketch now supports layers and includes editable brushes to help you fine-tune your drawings on your iPhone or iPad.



Creative Cloud Libraries

Read-only libraries

Collaborate better with read-only libraries that can be shared with your team, but not changed or deleted.
Adobe Muse CC

Free-form responsive web design

Easily create custom responsive websites without having to code or use restrictive templates.
Creative Cloud Libraries

Better collaboration

Share even more asset types through read-only access to public libraries. Use keywords or visual search to save imagery to your libraries.



InDesign CC

Publish Online (Preview)

Publish and distribute documents online where they can be viewed without a plug-in.



Photoshop CC

Facial feature adjustment

Retouch portraits with Face-Aware Liquify, which identifies eyes, noses, mouths, and other facial features and makes it easy to adjust them.
Photoshop Lightroom CC

Guided Upright

Capture the perfect perspective by controlling and straightening skewed lines like the horizon or distorted buildings that aren’t automatically detected by Upright.



Photoshop CC

Selection and Masking space

Make precise selections and masks in a dedicated workspace. Use tools like Refine Edge Brush to cleanly separate foreground and background elements.



Adobe Muse CC

Integration with Comp CC

Use Comp to create layouts on your iPad or iPhone, and send them to Muse to turn them into websites.
Animate CC

Enhanced brushes

Work with new pattern brushes, vector brush smoothing, and tiling for more expressive ways to draw right inside Animate.



Animate CC

4K+ video export

Use custom resolution export in Animate CC (formerly Flash Professional) to ensure that your videos will look great on the latest Ultra HD TVs and monitors.