Encourage sincere conversations.

Use the power of the Adobe Experience Manager platform to create community sites where customers can connect with each other, weigh in on your products, and influence your brand. Communities gives you templates, wizards, and user-friendly authoring to quickly create communities that drive engagement and loyalty.

Encourage sincere conversations.

Rapidly set up sites for all types of customer interactions.

From customer-facing forums to employee learning sites, you can use Adobe Experience Manager Communities, employing the same capabilities in Sites, to create community sites that are functional from day one and scalable to your needs.

Create any community.
Build community sites to facilitate discussions, product reviews and support, audience learning, and more.

Easily set up a site.
Use site wizards to create any type of community quickly, easily, and without technical expertise.

Connect across languages.
Easily translate user-contributed content into different languages, enabling re-use and maximizing engagement.

Control the settings.
Quickly choose your settings to enable user access and moderation privileges, tagging, and site translation.

Be mobile ready.
Make sure your communities work on mobile. Get optimization for mobile from day one.

Slow the flow of spam.
Ensure the health and vibrancy of your communities with spam and flood control options.

Customize your sites to meet your customers’ needs.

Built-in themes and templates let you create sites that are unique and consistent with your brand. Customize each site with the functionality you need to build a great community experience.

  • Jump-start your project with dozens of customizable themes.
  • Easily update, edit, and enhance your site with the ability to translate languages as well as drag and drop images and text components while in preview mode.
  • Add your own CSS files directly into Experience Manager through support for an industry-standard theming framework.

Improve the customer experience with powerful tools.

Shared library
Use a shared digital asset library to ensure your brand is carried across your sites and your customer experience is consistent.

Fit for mobile
As part of the Adobe Experience Manager platform, your community sites are optimized for both web and mobile.

Quick editing
Make visual edits and immediately see your changes optimized for all screen types.

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