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In today’s mobile world, apps are one of the best ways to reach audiences. You want to be able to quickly and easily create apps that make a business impact. Build customer loyalty. Drive sales. Speed up training. Attract employees and more. You want the tools that will allow you to do it all on your own — create, manage, fine tune, and deliver apps with impact.


Create beautiful apps with business muscle.

Adobe can help


You want to build apps that make a difference — quickly and efficiently. You need a solution that lets you pull existing and new assets into apps that are consistent and engaging on every device. Ideally, you’d like to not rely on IT to make it happen.



Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Experience Manager Mobile, creatives and marketers can quickly build stunning apps that tackle business challenges. You can easily pull existing content from any digital asset or content management system — or create new content. Your app experience is consistently beautiful across all devices. And because it’s from Adobe, you can easily share assets from Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud in your apps.


Take control.

Adobe can help


You need an easy way to manage apps all across your organization. Keep them up to date with the latest content. And connect them to critical business systems so they can make the most of your customer and product information.



Adobe can help.
 With Experience Manager Mobile, you control all your apps from one unified dashboard. You can easily manage and update new apps, existing apps, even apps built on other systems. It’s easy to make your apps more powerful by integrating with our industry-leading app services. And since content updates are fast and painless, there are no more app store resubmission hassles.



Deliver powerful and personal experiences.

Adobe can help


You want your apps to be as valuable as possible to the people who matter to your business. To do that you’ll need tools that integrate them with other back-end systems. Because you want your apps to be loaded with the data that makes for engaging and relevant content.




Adobe can help.
 Experience Manager Mobile lets you integrate your apps with critical business systems — including CRM, ERP, and PIM — using Cordova device APIs and custom plug-ins. Using data from these systems, you can deliver personal content that increases engagement. Send push notifications and in-app messages to keep your audiences involved and up to date.


Engage your employees with apps they’ll love.

Adobe can help


To engage your employees, you need compelling app experiences that they find undeniably useful. Apps that make them better at what they do and make them feel more connected. To do that, you need to know when your content is working and when it isn’t. Only then can you know the best ways to drive on-going app engagement.




Adobe can help.
 With Adobe Analytics, you can get the insights you need to ensure your apps engage and empower employees. Find out what content is most engaging and relevant. Use those insights to fine tune your apps, streamline your training, and give your people interactive tools they’ll want to use. Then drive app awareness and keep them tapped in to new content with in-app messages and push notifications.


Everything you need to master apps.

Why Adobe?

Today, apps are the key to unlocking your business potential. They help you accelerate sales, provide training, and increase employee productivity. Adobe Marketing Cloud gives you all the tools you need to create relevant, engaging app experiences.

Why Adobe.

In the past, you would need to cobble together different point solutions to create beautiful, compelling apps. Today, Adobe Marketing Cloud unifies all of these marketing tools into one integrated solution. No one else offers such deep integration with analytics, data management, optimization, and personalization.
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