““Thanks to the new responsive features found in Adobe Captivate 8, it won’t matter if your learner has a large display or small, desktop computer or iPad…your lesson will look the way you designed it, and it will work the way it was intended to work! I love the new interface; it looks modern… hip. You can tell that Adobe spent a lot of time making Captivate easier to use than ever. When it comes to eLearning tools, there’s no other program I can think of that contains this number of useful features. Wow!.”
—Kevin Siegel, President, IconLogic Inc.
"Having used Adobe Captivate for over 12 years, when it was called RoboDemo, I can honestly say I've not been this excited about a new release as I am about version 8. For new users, the interface is now easier to understand and use, with lots of ease-of-use improvements. However, what really advances what I can do with Captivate now is that I can finally design once and deliver to many different devices, with no problems and no worries. When I publish, I know my learning will look perfect on desktops, laptops, iPads, iPods, Android tablets and more. What's not to love? Cool, cool, cool."
—Joe Ganci, President, eLearning Joe
"Captivate 8 is to me the most significant release of Captivate ever. It is packed with groundbreaking innovations that will allow users to author the next generation of eLearning content. My favorite new feature is the all new Responsive Project feature. This feature alone is worth the jump. With Captivate 8, mobile learning is not the future anymore; I strongly recommend Adobe Captivate 8 as the ultimate eLearning authoring tool."
—Damien Bruyndonckx, Adobe Education Leader | Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 



"Adobe Captivate 8 is a game changer. Smartphones have become the primary way we consume information, and the new responsive design capabilities in Adobe Captivate 8 allow eLearning developers to easily create engaging content for a smaller form factor. Congratulations on a spectacular release!”
—Josh Cavalier, Founder and CEO at Lodestone Digital
"I'm so excited how powerful Adobe Captivate has become over the years. Publishing to HTML5? Responsive projects? No problem anymore. Especially the integration with Edge Inspect & Edge Animate allows comprehensive testing and offers big potential for our e-learning projects."
—Martin Uhrig, Adobe Certified Expert
"The mobile device targeting features (responsive design, Edge Animate inclusion, touch gestures, etc) are my favorite new tools. Our student body is made up of online students. The plethora of devices that they have means we have a very broad device and screen size range to consider. I definitely recommend Captivate,especially for teachers and curricular specialists."
 —Tammy Moore, Virtual HomeSchool Group



Industry Reviews



Learning Solutions Magazine
“Captivate 8 is a huge release. It lets us finally create mobile learning in ways that we could only dream about until now. That alone sets it apart from every other tool. In addition, the new interface and the other added features make for a new and elegant Captivate edition.”
—Joe Ganci 
Dbr Training
“I would like to publicly express my deepest respect to the Captivate team. Captivate 8 is definitely a milestone version for Captivate.The Responsive Projects allows you to optimise your eLearning content for the desktop, the tablet and the smartphone using a simple interface and three breakpoints. Is it worth the jump? Most definitely! Don’t wait any longer and get it right away!”
—Damien Bruyndonckx 
eLearning Brothers
“Adobe has said about this release having “game-changing mobile support” or how it “reimagines responsive eLearning.” We agree, the new features are a game changer for the eLearning Industry. We haven’t seen anything like it.”
—Brother Parker 
Captivate Dev
“Here’s the bottom line.  You’re missing an opportunity for yourself if you don’t try it!  Try it, Buy it, Learn it, be a pioneer and blaze a new trail just as Adobe has done. Not only is the software blazing new trails, their support of the community behind the product is also improving. Adobe is making new efforts to support their community which is a step in the right direction.”
—Jim Leichliter 
CP Guru
Cp Guru
“If you are delivering to a diverse crowd which uses different platforms or you are delivering to mobile there is no doubt at all. To sum up: Yes – Adobe Captivate 8 is definitely worth it regardless of what type of developer you are. You’ll get more bang for your buck if you are publishing to HTML5 but in either case you do get a solid product"
Tec Writer DE
“Das sind die wichtigsten Neuerungen in Adobe Captivate 8. Neue Oberfläche: Captivates Oberfläche wurde radikal überarbeitet und vereinfach. Responsive Projekte: Sie können nun Projekte erstellen, die sich an die Displaygrößen verschiedener Zielsysteme anpassen und diese sofort live in der Vorschau auf dem Endgerät abspielen."
Easel solutions
“Today’s release of Captivate 8 marks another large milestone in eLearning development. Captivate 8 is loaded with new features, but its milestone achievement lies within the responsive design tooling. With this release, eLearning developers now have a streamlined workflow for developing eLearning that can meet the demands of a diverse mobile audience.”
Captivate Crazy
“The best part of Adobe Captivate 8 is that the engineers have made it easy to develop a responsive project without any programming. There are other NEW awesome features to Adobe Captivate 8.”
—Anita Horsley 
elearning brothers
eLearning Brothers
"Most of you may be wondering what are some of the new features to Adobe Captivate 8. Captivate 8 has made significant upgrades, improvements, and created brand new features never before used in any eLearning authoring tool..”
—Brother Andrew
comm lab
Comm Lab India
“With ever-growing mobile workforces and the evolution of the BYOD strategy, organizations have now realized the need to design and develop eLearning that adjusts itself to the varying screen sizes of different devices. But the authoring tools that publish eLearning to HTML5 are not responsive on mobile devices, they work well on iPads but on mobile devices, the course wont adjust to the varying screen sizes.”
—Md. Sohail 
association of talent development
Association for Talent Development
“Other than the introduction of HTML5 output, responsive design and geolocation are the first truly new features in the big five authoring tools in years. Responsive design and geolocation in Adobe Captivate 8 move the industry forward and take a few steps in helping e-learning authoring tools catch up to the rest of the web world.”
—Diane Elkins 
captivate blog
Captivate on Lilibiri's blog
“If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you'll know that I don't want to talk about features before having been able to explore the final release and that I'm used to offer an article with at least one example movie to demo what I try to explain. You'll see some of the less-talked about new enhancements in Captivate 8.”
—Lieve Weymeis 






elearning magzine 2014
Elearning Magazine 2014
Award: "Best Simulation tool" Category – Best of Elearning! 2014 awards
Codie Awards 2014
Award: "Best Solution for Special Needs Students" Category – Award of Excellence
BSOCO Awards 2013
Award: "eLearning / Rapid Learning Category - Gold
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards 2012
Award: "Best Advance in Content Authoring Technology" – Gold
Brandon Hall Excellence in Technology Awards 2012
Award: "Best Advance in Technology for Testing or Learning Evaluation" - Silver
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best Rapid Development Tool." Category – Award of Excellence
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best Simulation Development Tool." – Category Winner
Elearning Magazine 2010
Award: "Best eLearning Development Tool." Category – Award of Excellence
Brandon Hall Research Award
Best Advance in Learning Content Management Technology – Gold Category Winner
Training Media Review
Award: Product of the Year
Award: Winner, Best Corporate Learning Solution May 07, 2009 
Learn X Asia Pacific
Award: Winner, Best Simulation Solution 2008