An end-to-end enterprise-class component content management solution for DITA-based content creation and delivery

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Best-in-class multichannel publishing
Best-in-class multichannel publishing of DITA content
Take full advantage of the native DITA support added to Experience Manager to generate output for Experience Manager Sites and Mobile, PDF, Responsive HTML5, WebHelp, EPUB, Kindle, and more. You can leverage the fully configurable output to deliver highly personalized, relevant, and immersive content experiences for end users. You can also easily perform batch generation.
Powerful DITA authoring and content management
Powerful DITA authoring and content management

Easily author and effectively manage DITA topics, maps and DITAVAL files using the built-in web-based editor or any offline DITA editor, such as FrameMaker (2015 release). The intuitive web editor has a simple word-processing interface that provides easy entry for subject matter experts, casual contributors and reviewers who might not be trained to use DITA.

Next-gen collaboration through web-based review and approval
Next-gen collaboration through web-based review and approval
Take advantage of web-based review and approval capabilities to send multiple DITA topics and maps for review simultaneously. You can efficiently review the documentation structure and topic flow with the map review feature. Authors and reviewers can effortlessly collaborate on changes during ongoing reviews. Reviewers can monitor the differences from previous versions to identify if feedback has been incorporated correctly. Administrators can track the review and approval task history using the feature-rich management dashboard.
Industry-leading translation management and localization support
Industry-leading translation management and localization support
Leverage the built-in connectors for leading translation providers in Experience Manager to translate and manage locale-specific content. Make full use of the detailed out-of-the-box translation reports to identify untranslated content before publishing and take appropriate corrective action. You can manage the status of translated content with respect to master language updates to carry out incremental translation only for the updated DITA files, thus eliminating time-consuming manual identification of which files to send for translation.
Comprehensive search and content usage data
Comprehensive search and content usage data
Perform basic and advanced searches using content attributes and topic metadata across the entire repository through a simple interface inside the DITA authoring tool. Results are tagged with content usage data to help you easily identify and select the right content for optimal reuse. 
In-depth publishing readiness reports
In-depth publishing readiness reports
Keep a close watch on system health by easily accessing various DITA map–level reports that list broken links and references and provide the status of reviews, approvals and translations for all topics. You can also use the reports to perform comprehensive sanity checks in the final stages before publishing.
Extensive tag management support for personalized output
Extensive tag management support for personalized output
Leverage the extensive tag management support in Experience Manager to apply relevant tags on DITA source content. Use these tags to provide end users with highly personalized content experiences. 
Easy integration through APIs
Easy integration through APIs
Easily integrate with any offline DITA editor, such as FrameMaker (2015 release) or any existing CMS, for publishing to Experience Manager Sites and Mobile. 
Native integration with Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)
Native integration with Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release)*
Enjoy tight integration of Experience Manager with FrameMaker (2015 release), which comes with a built-in connector so that you can work seamlessly with the Experience Manager content repository. Leverage the connector to quickly get started with authoring, reviewing, and searching DITA content. 

#XML Documentation Add-On is compatible with Experience Manager 6.1 & Experience Manager 6.2

*Adobe FrameMaker (2015 release) is a full-fledged DITA editor and ships with these features built-in. FrameMaker (2015 release) is separate from Adobe Experience Manager, and must be purchased separately.  Learn more about Adobe FrameMaker ›