Getting to know Adobe
Flash Collaboration Service

by Varun Parmar

At Adobe MAX 2008 in San Francisco, California, Adobe launched Adobe Flash Collaboration Service. Currently in beta, Adobe Flash Collaboration Service is a platform as a service that enables you to easily add real-time social capabilities, such as chat, VoIP, and webcam video, to applications created with Adobe Flex and Flash.

At its core, Adobe Flash Collaboration Service consists of Flex-based client components and a hosted-services infrastructure. In this article, I provide an overview of Adobe Flash Collaboration Service, highlight several use-case scenarios, and offer a sneak peak at the product roadmap.

Huge business opportunity

Given the present economic situation, it's critical for developers to differentiate and identify new sources of revenue growth. One way is to target the untapped and colossal business opportunity associated with developing in-context collaborative applications. But first, what is an in-context collaborative application? At a high-level, these applications have some common characteristics:

In-context collaborative applications offer enormous potential to improve the bottom line in various application categories. The following are some high-level examples to get your mind churning about how you might be able to incorporate social capabilities into your application and seize the opportunity to differentiate yourself as a developer:

The roadmap

We are currently working toward a commercial launch of Adobe Flash Collaboration Service sometime this year. As such, we want to keep you informed of the progress we are making against our roadmap. Here's a sneak peek at the things we are working on in rough chronological order:

If you are ready to commercialize your Adobe Flash Collaboration Service powered application, then we currently offer two options:

Learn more

Now Flex developers can build real-time, multiuser applications in less time than ever before. Download the free Adobe Flash Collaboration Service SDK from Adobe Labs and experiment for yourself.

To sign up for a free account and get your first app up and running, read Ryan Stewart's article, Getting started with Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta, on Adobe Developer Connection.

To review the gallery of highlighted applications, visit the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service Showcase.

To ask questions, find answers, and offer feedback, visit the Adobe Flash Collaboration Service forum.

For latest announcements please visit our blog:

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Varun Parmar is product manager for Adobe Flash Collaboration Service at Adobe. He has also worked at Cisco Systems in an operations strategy role for the Optical Networking Group, as well as at iPark, an international information technology-focused venture capital and business incubator.