Adobe Flex evangelist Ted Patrick has spent endless hours planning more than 200 sessions for Adobe MAX 2008. In this interview, Ted provides the inside scoop on this
year's premier community event. Transcript.

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Julie Campagna:  Hi, I'm Julie Campagna, I manage the Edge Newsletter. Today we're in San Francisco with Ted Patrick to talk about Adobe MAX 2008. But first, Ted, you were a Flex evangelist, how did you get involved with managing MAX?

Ted Patrick:  I was a customer for 12 years and I attended my first MAX UCON event in 1997. When I went to work for Adobe, basically I was asked to do an unconference at the Las Vegas 2006 MAX event and one thing led to another and I'm now managing the content for MAX.

Julie:  What is the theme for this year's MAX?

Ted:  It's the same theme as last year, connect, discover and inspire. Last year when we came up with the theme we sat down and thought deeply about what people get out of the event.

MAX is about connecting with contacts in the development and design community. It is about discovering the latest in new technologies. And it's actually about getting inspired about what you do, what you create and both the community and Adobe benefit greatly from that inspiration.

Julie:  Last year the big news was Thermo, anything we should know about that might happen at this year's MAX?

Ted:  With every MAX we have developers inside the company making a product to ship in MAX. Basically we're going to see Thermo in MAX. It's going to be a very interesting event.

Also we're going to see the next version of Creative Suite, and what's really interesting is how those actually work together.

Julie:  Ted, why do people attend MAX?

Ted:  I could tell you but let’s hear it from the people who attended last year.


Lisa Heselton:  I attend MAX because it's a great opportunity to meet people who do what I do, who love what they do and to gain knowledge and to just interact with people who are kindred spirits.

Mrinal Wadhwa:  There's a lot of information here for an RIA developer and that was the reason why I traveled all the way.

Brian Russel Davis:  We attend MAX because MAX is the one place I know that all the Flash developers are going to be here, all the designers are going to be here, all the Flex developers are going to be here. Everyone's here.

Igor Ilyinsky:  The highlight for me was meeting a lot of the engineers that actually built the product. You really get an insight into some of the thoughts that they had when they were building the product. Just getting that insight is invaluable.

Mrinal Wadhwa:  I got to meet the Flex team and it's kind of cool to meet them because you use their products every day and it's really cool.

Andre Charland:  The day one keynotes and the music and the way it was all really choreographed was really cool. Some of the people I've met and some of the after‑hour lounge events and playing Halo Three was a lot of fun too.

Mrinal Wadhwa:  I attended Grant Skinner's session; he's just brilliant. It was cool to see him talk and I learned quite a lot.

Tom Mormile:  I brought two students here and we're having a great experience. We're learning so much. We got to participate in all the workshops, the after‑hours talks with the team. I learned a lot and I got a lot of ideas that I wrote down and I can't wait to try them once I get back to school.

Paul Carpenter:  I always walk away with a whole bucket of ideas and techniques to try. All those things make it a very worthwhile experience for sure.

Julie:  Clearly people really enjoy MAX, but what's your favorite part about MAX?

Ted:  My favorite part is I really like the keynotes. I really like being able to announce new things and see the future direction of the company. The other part is the "Birds of a Feather" and "Meet the teams" events - it is the single evening event where you can actually go and meet the teams that make the products that you use every day. That doesn't happen anywhere else.

Julie:  Any other reason why people should attend MAX this year?

Ted:  Well, San Francisco. Adobe is headquartered within 25 miles of San Francisco. And actually many of the engineers work and live right around San Francisco and San Jose and most of them will be on site for MAX.

It's really a great experience to get hands on with the actual engineers that make things happen. I can't tell you how valuable that's been in my career.

Julie:  That's great. Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us Ted.

Ted:  Thank you for interviewing me on the Edge.

Julie:  You're welcome. So there you have it, MAX 2008, San Francisco, November 16th through November 19th, we hope to see you here. And I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Edge.