Preview: Adobe MAX 2010

by Ryan Stewart

Every year, thousands of designers and developers come together at Adobe MAX to share ideas, learn about new technology, and talk directly to Adobe employees. This year is no different, but because we're in the middle of such a dynamic time in the industry, you won't want to miss this year's MAX. The teams at Adobe have been busy working on several different areas, and this year's event offers something for everyone to get excited about.

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One of the biggest changes in the industry has been the rise of mobile. Over the past year, we've seen the incredible success of Android and other smartphones. The smartphone market continues to be fragmented with several different types of phones and operating systems. It has become important to be able to quickly deploy the same type of experience across multiple screens. There will be no better place than MAX to see the tools and workflows that help make multiscreen deployment easy. We've been hard at work on Adobe Flash Player and AIR for Android, so your Flash content and skills will transition easily to the smaller screen. We've added several features to Device Central CS5, so you can test and deploy on multiple screens faster and more efficiently. There is an entire track dedicated to optimizing and creating content for mobile devices with some of the best speakers in the industry. We've got sessions on creating both Flash content as well as HTML content for mobile devices, so there's something for every type of developer.

Digital publishing workflow

Another big area for Adobe this year has been the digital publishing workflow. Print designers are now being asked to deliver content and design assets across multiple mediums and to think hard about how to bring the print experience to the digital world. Michael Ninness will be talking about how to create rich interactive documents with InDesign CS5, and we have a couple of sessions on helping designers transition from print to web. If you're planning to target tablet devices, you can check out Adobe's Digital Publishing Platform as well as get specific tips for using InDesign to create documents for tablet devices.

More than 200 sessions and 100 hands-on labs

This year we're also ramping up what we offer designers at MAX. Design is such a core part of everything we do at Adobe, and we're offering more designer sessions than ever before at MAX. These sessions cover everything a designer would want to know. We have pulled in some inspirational speakers as well as provided sessions to give you concrete tips and tricks when working with Adobe's design tools. You can hear about the creative process at Threadless as well as find out how Simone Legno turned tokidoki into a global brand. With user experience at a premium and time in short supply, it's important to be able to work with developers. To that end, Adobe MAX will feature several sessions about bridging the designer-developer divide and managing projects. The Flash Catalyst sessions will focus heavily on how to capture the design and work with developers to implement it. And you can also attend a session on WorkflowLab, a product that helps teams map out and track progress on projects.

Obviously there will be no shortage of Flash content at MAX. We continue to bring in great speakers like Grant Skinner and Michael Labriola to cover a variety of Flash topics. But HTML5 will continue to play a key role in designing and developing web applications. At MAX, you'll be hearing a lot more about how Adobe can help you create HTML5 content, including sessions such as:

So clearly we've packed a lot into MAX this year. Regardless of whether you're a developer, a designer, or somewhere in-between, at MAX you'll find sessions that leave you inspired and equipped to thrive in the constantly evolving web landscape. It's also a great place to connect with old friends, meet new connections, and talk directly to Adobe team members. One of the best things about MAX for us is getting to hear your ideas and thoughts first-hand.

We're looking forward to having you join us, so register now and we'll see you in October.

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Ryan Stewart is a platform evangelist for Adobe and has been doing Flex development for almost five years after starting out as a ColdFusion developer. He focuses on Adobe's platform technologies, including Flex, Adobe AIR, and Flash Catalyst.