Attending the FITC festival in San Francisco, Managing Editor Julie Campagna interviews designers, developers, and digital artists about what they find innovative and inspiring in today's ever-evolving world of Flash. Transcript.



Julie Campagna:  Hi, I'm Julie Campagna, I manage the Edge newsletter. Today we are in San Francisco attending the FITC Festival where developers, designers, and digital artists from all over the world converge to discuss all things Flash. So we are going to catch up with some of the attendees and find out what's happening in the world of Flash. Let's go. [music]

Julie: And so you have been at the conference for a couple of days now. Have you seen anything that really has been innovative, or that has really rocked your world?

Bruno Fonzi:  The impressive new thing is just seeing devices, having Flash working on devices.

Martin Libich
:  Well, I think in the Flash world, in general, what we are seeing and this is crucial for what we do, is the possibility of taking Flash out of the browser. Using the flexibility of Flash to do what has been done on the web anywhere you want, in the store front, at the counter when you are ordering your latte.

Dominic Berry:
 Mobile, I think just like everybody else, the idea that Android is getting bigger and having more stuff available for Flash developers is really exciting.

Richard Galvan
:  From my perspective one of the most exciting things is that there is this buzz in the development going on for mobile, especially on Android, and to actually see the community react, and actually take that, and actually do stuff with it, it's really exciting.

Kevin Suttle
:  I actually went to... a new session today about the new platform, which is multiuser development through a phone. So being able to create something that mobile is inherently social and taking that and using Flash to kind of leverage that and make a really unique experience in a public, in a mass media kind of way it's great.

Langston Richardson
:  I am really excited about how Flash is going from just a desktop era to everywhere. You are going to find it in a mobile device, you are going to find it on the digital living room, you are going to find it everywhere. So, I am really excited about that and for me as a creative person it's really a bigger canvas to really connect to and I am really excited about it.

Colin Moock
:  You can just get your ideas out so quickly in Flash and it's accessible to so many different kinds of people. So it brings a whole bunch of different kinds of thinkers together. I talked to Seb Lee-Delisle for a little bit about his presentation. He did some crazy fun stuff with cameras and that's really playful. I like that. Andre and Michelle are doing this crazy audio effects production experiment where he is generating audio based on kind of visuals that you can manipulate.

Branden Hall
:  I've never seen another community like this. We are constantly pushing each other to do new things, to create new things, and even more so to teach each other for learning new technologies and just also pushing the platform.

Brendan Dawes:  What I love about it is it's new every single day. So when you fire up Flash it's a blank canvas for you to make stuff. So, the more we can have Flash on the platforms and the more it becomes ubiquitous then the better I think it is for everyone.

:  Well we are wrapping up at the FITC. Obviously there are a lot of great things happening in the Flash community from multiplayer games to Flash in the living room to Android devices, there is a lot going on. There are also just lots of fun stuff going on. So if you want to learn more about the Flash platform visit the Adobe Developer Connection and in the mean time I hoped you enjoyed this edition of the EDGE. [music]