Fresh from the Adobe AIR Marketplace

by Shikha Bhargava

Psssst…. Have you built an amazing Adobe AIR application? Are you looking for ways to get it into the marketplace? Or perhaps you're shopping for a free application to help you be more productive? Or maybe you're a gamer looking for some fun for the desktop?

Whatever your objective, I invite you to visit the Adobe AIR Marketplace, a place where you can publish your AIR application and discover new applications that bring the web to your desktop. In the Marketplace, you will find hundreds of applications organized by categories, including Music, Communications, Business, Games, Tools, Travel, Science, and Shopping. You can also view applications by Highest Rated or Most Popular. Most of these applications are free, if not shareware.

As product manager for the Adobe AIR Marketplace, I want to tell you about several significant improvements we recently made and highlight some of my favorite applications. I am also thrilled to announce that this article is the first in a series of Edge articles in which we will spotlight a developer who has contributed a popular and innovative application.

More features, improved experience

Since we first launched the site in 2007, our goal for the Marketplace has been twofold: To help developers showcase their applications and to provide a marketplace for consumers to easily find and download useful applications.

Over the past year, we've received a steady stream of feedback. In response, we recently made several major improvements to address our community's needs. Overall, the Marketplace now offers a better experience for end users and more services for our developer community.

For example, among the most popular features developers requested were the ability to better promote their application on the Marketplace through the use of RSS feeds and the functionality to e-mail an app to a friend. They also wanted to create a profile on the Marketplace for self-promotion. Request granted. Additionally, developers wanted to view performance analytics such as statistics for downloads, ratings, and reviews. So we added an application dashboard as well.

Apart from just rating and reviewing applications, end users can now comment on and flag applications. Not only is this great for end users, but developers benefit as well because they can use this feedback to improve their application and receive community validation. This is only the beginning. We continue to plan new features for our users and find ways to get more applications onto the Marketplace. We receive the best ideas from our community of users, so continue to send your suggestions.

My favorite applications

I am not only the product manager for the Adobe AIR Marketplace, but I am also a user. I have downloaded many applications for work-related reasons, but I have kept quite a few for my own personal productivity and entertainment. In hopes that you may find them useful and interesting, here are my favorite applications:

Again, we are always looking for interesting and useful AIR applications. If you are working on an AIR app and you want to share it with the community, please visit the Adobe AIR Marketplace. Finally, if you have suggestions or feedback regarding the AIR Marketplace, please send me an email.


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Shikha Bhargava is a senior product manager of the Adobe AIR Marketplace.