Every year, thousands of techies, filmmakers, and musicians head to Austin, Texas for South by Southwest (SXSW). Get a glimpse of the event and how Adobe is participating.  Transcript.




Hi, I'm Julie Campagna, and I manage the Edge newsletter. This week we're in Austin, Texas, attending South by Southwest. And Adobe's here in a big way. We're doing panels, workshop sessions, as well as hosting the Interactive Design Awards. In this video, I am going to give you a little tour of what it's like to be at SXSW and also show you what Adobe's doing here. So come on, let's go.


JULIE: What's your favorite thing about SXSW?

CHRISTIAN CANTRELL: I think what I like best is the combination of technology and art.

JENNIFER KREMER: One of the things that I really love about SXSW is getting the chance to meet people that are using our products on a daily basis.  And just being inspired by what they do. 

SCOTT FEGETTE: This place is where I understand what all the bellwethers for the things I need to know over the next year will be.

RICH LEE: I just love how it's sort of like a spring break for geeks. I get a lot of inspiration from all the designers. It's inspiring to see how people use our products and how passionate they are about it.

RYAN STEWART: The diversity of content. The fact that there are so many different kinds of sessions on so many different topics is definitely the coolest thing about SXSW. 


JULIE: One of the really cool and interesting things about SXSW is once you leave the conference center it's still happening outside.


JULIE:  Well, that concludes are video on SXSW Interactive. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy this edition of the Edge. As for me, I am going to go check out some music.