On the scene at Adobe MAX 2009, Edge Managing Editor Julie Campagna delivers a snapshot of this year's event, including announcements, technology previews, and commentary from attendees. Transcript.

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Julie Campagna: Hi, I'm Julie Campagna. I manage the Edge newsletter. This week we're at Adobe MAX in Los Angeles, and behind me and all around me you can see a lot of designers and developers who are waiting to get into the day two keynote.

Already we've seen some really great announcements, especially about the Flash Platform on mobile devices. In this Edge video, we're going to take you through some of the highlights from this year's conference.

Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch unveiled Flash Player 10.1, and although it's a .1 release, this is actually a really big deal because it's the first time we're going to see the full Flash Player available for devices….

Kevin Lynch: We are bringing  Flash Player 10 - the full Flash - to smart phones and it will be known as Flash Player 10.1.  It’s a little dot for us, but a big step for “Flashkind.”

And devices with Flash Player 10.1 are going to be in the market in the first half of 2010 -- first half of next year – so incredible progress here happening with the Flash Player.

Julie: What might have been the most interesting part of the show is when Johnny Loiacono came out and started showing Flash applications on the iPhone.

Johnny Loiacono: We are ecstatic today to announce the fact that we are enabling you to use all your favorite Flash development tools, including Flash Professional.
I actually developed these applications and then compiled them to run natively on the iPhone.

Julie: Now let's go see what people have to see about these announcements.

So what was the most exciting part about the announcements made today?

Speaker 1: It was the one thing that people always said you couldn't do: Flash on iPhone, and now they showed us it's possible. Myth busted. Man, that's awesome.

Speaker 2: I'm excited about Flash 10.1, all of the applications, everything that they made. I'm a webmaster, so I really hope to integrate that with the website and make the application mobile.

Speaker 3: I really like that you're going to be able to create some kind of applications for iPhone directly from Flash.

Speaker 4: It was just amazing to see that finally it's there. As of today, Flash developers are iPhone developers as well.

Speaker 5: The things that Adobe is doing around Flash for mobile is really, really exciting.

Speaker 6: Now that Adobe is supporting all these different contexts: TV, mobile, and it's such a large part of the ecosystem, it's huge.

Julie: So obviously we're making a lot of progress in bringing rich Internet experiences to devices. We're not just talking about mobile phones here. We're talking about a range of devices.

But let's start here with the Palm Pre. Look at this: Yahoo! Movies running on Flash Player on Palm Pre. Pretty cool.

Now we're looking at a Vizio TV running on the Flash platform. Look at here: we've got the BBC. We've got weather. We've got NOVA. We've got a stock ticker application as well as the "The New York Times."

This is pretty cool. This isn't what you would normally see on a television.

Right here we're looking at an HP monitor. It's actually a touchscreen, which is really cool, but I have a microphone in my hand, so I'm not going to touch it too much. But it has one of my favorite applications that I've discovered, and it's the augmented reality Sasquatch. Check that out.

Now we have the most mobile device of all, the Prius. Now we're looking at the control panel, and this is all Flash technology. You can click on the communications tab, give somebody a call, go back to the home screen, get on the Internet, do a search.

It's all pretty straightforward. You've got the Fanbase application here if you want to listen to a little Rob Thomas while you're driving home. This car's pretty tricked out.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our Edge report on MAX 2009. If you were unable to attend in person, I have great news for you. All of the MAX sessions are now available on Adobe TV, so go check them out.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the Edge.