What's new in Adobe XD.  

We're rolling out regular updates to the XD preview, so check back to see the latest additions.   

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.22

Live previews on your mobile device

Get a live preview of your mobile designs right on your phone or tablet, complete with all your interactions. Make changes on your desktop and XD automatically updates everywhere, so you can instantly see how your prototypes look on the right size screen.
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Zoom to selection

Make a selection on the artboard and use a shortcut (command 3) to zoom directly to the selection.

New animations

Play with additional transitions in your designs. Last month, we changed the name of “slide” transitions to “push” to better reflect what they do.  This month, we are introducing true “slide” transitions.

Customer feedback improvements

Based on your requests, we’ve added several new enhancements to the latest XD release, including controls in the property inspector to help specify whether an artboard should vertically scroll, aligning to pixel grid, and constraining proportions of an element.

What's next

Get a sneak peek at features we're working on for future releases.
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Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.16

Linear Gradients

Create, edit, and apply linear gradients to objects on the canvas from within the color picker.

Instant Transitions

Set an animation’s segue as “none” to create immediate transitions without any easing.

Hex Shorthand

Save time by using shortcuts for hexadecimal codes in the color picker. For example, typing #AB results in #ABABAB.

Korean language support

XD is now available in Korean.

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.10

Zoom tool

Easily zoom in on a specific area of your work for a more detailed look at your design.

Export PDF

Share assets and artboards by exporting them as individual PDF files or as a single PDF file.

Faster artboard flow

Wire up your prototypes faster by choosing “previous artboard” from the target list to go back to the previous screen.

Re-use existing assets

Copy and paste artwork from Bohemian Coding Sketch, InDesign, and other apps into XD. You can continue editing your text and vectors without losing fidelity.

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.6

Pixel-perfect measuring

Get exact measurements between objects for precise alignment or to give team members accurate dimensions.

Blur effects

Blur a specific object or an entire background to change the focal point of your design.

Embed prototypes anywhere

Use embed codes to share your interactive prototypes on Behance, Dribbble, or any other website.

Text style enhancements

New text controls let you change the color of individual sections of text rather than the whole block.

Expanded language support

XD is now available in French, German and Japanese.

Share Online support for enterprise

Enterprises can now share a link to their XD prototypes using the Share Online service.

Enterprise deployment support

Administrators can now easily deploy Adobe XD and regular updates using the Creative Cloud Packager tool.

Customer feedback improvements

Based on your requests, we’ve added several new enhancements to the latest XD release, including artboard grid improvements, and more.

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.4

Accurate color control

Pick a color using hue, saturation, brightness and alpha sliders, or by entering the exact values in the field. You can also create and save color swatches to use in your designs.

Scrollable artboards

Scroll though long artboards in the Preview window or in your shared prototype to show the full content of your designs.

Text style improvements

Use flexible text control to change the style of individual sub-ranges of text instead of the whole block.

Boolean group editing

Create complex shapes easily by combining groups of objects using Boolean operations. 

Artboard alignment and distribution

Align objects relative to their artboards or align multiple artboards with each other, and distribute them across your canvas.

Full Screen Mode

Get the big picture when viewing shared prototypes by displaying them as full screen. 

Customer feedback improvements

Based on your requests, we’ve added several enhancements to the latest XD release, including copy and paste support for symbols and shadows in Adobe Illustrator, and keyboard shortcut hints in context for significant features.

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5.2

Design faster with grids

Save time drawing, resizing and moving artboard elements using snap-to grids that place design elements right where you want them and provide a consistent visual framework.

Text enhancements

Adjust spacing between lines of text so they fit perfectly in your design.

Prototype hotspots

Highlight hotspots in your prototype so users can easily see which areas are interactive and clickable.

Multiple URLs

Create multiple URLs from the same file to share different versions of your prototype with stakeholders.

Drag and drop text

Improve your design with more realistic content by dragging a text file into a Repeat Grid. The text will automatically populate throughout all the grid cells. You can also place text by dragging and dropping onto the canvas.

Customer feedback improvements

Based on your input, we’ve made numerous improvements, including better file saving performance, importing/exporting SVG enhancements, copy/paste capability from Illustrator, and making UI kits available from the file menu. Keep the feedback coming.

Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5

Draw vector icons and artwork

Create your designs using rectangle, ellipse, line, pen and selection tools. Use the Property Inspector to enhance your shapes. Choose border color and thickness, add fill colors, apply shadows, adjust transparency and rotate.
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Pen tool

Draw shapes more easily and efficiently with the Pen tool in Adobe XD. Use custom paths, add or remove anchor points and switch between curved and angled paths, all within the same tool.
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Add stylized text

Easily create and place text and adjust its color and size.
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Refine your designs

Use layout tools to group, lock, align, and distribute design elements, as well as mask with shapes and rearrange the order.
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Multi-screen artboards

Lay out your designs for different screens and devices using artboards. Choose from preset sizes or define your own, and copy between artboards without losing placement of your design elements.
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Design for specific devices

Experience Design’s UI kit includes high-quality interface elements to help you quickly design for iOS, Google Material and Microsoft Windows devices.

Repeat Grid

Select items in your design, such as a contact list or photo gallery, and replicate them horizontally or vertically as many times as you want — all your styles and spacing stay intact. Update once and changes will be reflected everywhere.
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Export production-ready artwork

Export images and designs in PNG and SVG formats for iOS, Android and web.
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Photoshop and Illustrator integration

Copy and paste your Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC assets directly into Experience Design.
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Preview, record and share

Record an .MOV file as you click through your preview to share with your team or stakeholders. You can also generate a link to your prototype to share.
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Interactive prototypes

Add interactions, animations and gestures to accurately test how users will experience your design. Switch easily between design and prototype without leaving the app.
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Manage your prototypes online

Prototypes are easy to access and delete from your Creative Cloud account. Just click a thumbnail to go to the public link. There's no limit to the number of prototypes you can share with your team.