Matt Gifford, aka coldfumonkeh

Matt Gifford, aka coldfumonkeh


Matt Gifford is Lead Developer with Fuzzy Orange Ltd, Adobe Partners, and organisers of Scotch on the Rocks, Europe’s longest running ColdFusion conference. He is also an Adobe Community Professional for ColdFusion.

As a part-time author, Matt has written articles and tutorials for web-industry magazines and online libraries. As a full-time developer, he is normally to be found developing something in ColdFusion, and is passionate about all things “web.”

Visit Matt’s blog to get the latest news and information on his open-source projects and tutorials for ColdFusion, Flex, AIR and much more.

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(May 02, 2011)

Apache Web Server、ColdFusionおよびColdFusion Builderをインストールして設定します。