Keep your employees informed and up to date.

With Adobe Experience Manager Communities, add elements that inform and enable audiences, such as your sales team. You can publish learning content, facilitate the exchange of knowledge, track progress, and measure results.

Quickly set up social learning sites.

As part of your community site, you can create great learning experiences around your products, services, and other topics. By sharing knowledge and insights, your users will have a deeper understanding of and engagement with the content.

Enable your field.
Create assignment paths, track progress, and enable social interaction to help sales teams receive and understand information in a timely manner.

Build learning paths.
Use the site creation wizard to build learning paths for different audiences and help them identify their assignments and learning progress.

Allow peers to share.
Encourage knowledge-exchange within and among peer groups, allowing experts to build and share content.

Create custom catalogs.
Customized catalogs — with intuitive tagging — help community members quickly find the learning resources they need.

Easily manage and share learning content.

Use Experience Manager Communities to upload, manage, share, and deliver assets (such as video, SCORM content, and documents) across your communities from a central repository.

Measure training progress at every step.

As you oversee your community training, use Experience Manager Communities to measure and track the progress of each participant.

  • Easily create resources and assign training to audiences using simple workflows and a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Track learner progress for certification, including scores from SCORM-compliant eLearning content.
  • Integrate with an enterprise system of record to report from a single location.

Know when community content is working.

Monitor interactions around content, communities, and individuals to identify and respond to trends. You can also measure the level of engagement in your learning content in order to get more from your resources and investment.

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