It’s more than talk. It’s data. And it’s actionable.

Use Adobe Experience Manager Communities in combination with Adobe Analytics to see what’s going on within your blogs, message boards, product reviews, and other customer communities. As you understand and act on what you see, you can provide a better brand experience and improve customer loyalty.

Measure and analyze engagement.

Each interaction — whether it’s a comment or a rating from a customer — gives you a sense of sentiment from individuals in your community. Stand back and look at these interactions collectively and you can see trends, needs, and opportunities.

Build reports.
Quickly generate reports of user views, views over time, ratings, user drop off rates, engagement by device, and more.

Measure learning content.
Observe and understand the engagement with your learning resources to ensure your communities are getting the most out of the content.

Identify influential voices.
Find the advocates and experts who are emerging across your community and help them uphold your brand.

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