Everyone loves getting exactly what they want.

Present the kinds of relevant and personal experiences that keep your customers coming back.

A/B testing

Easily set up and run tests — even several at the same time — to determine the best offers, messaging and content.

Automated personalization

Automate targeted content to individual customers with our self-learning algorithm.

Mobile app optimization

Reengage your app users with location-based targeting and by testing experiences.

Data alone won’t help you. Understanding it will.

Read our guide, Nine Common A/B Testing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them, to learn how to achieve greater ROI through testing.

Targeted recommendations and cross-selling

Automatically deliver content and recommendations using historical and affinity data.

Real-time audiences

Create a single profile in Adobe Marketing Cloud that you can share between solutions with the check of a box.

Multivariate testing

Use simple multivariate tests to get a clear understanding of the best opportunities for delivering targeted content.

Search-driven merchandising

Understand what your customers want by seeing how they navigate through your site.

Marketer-driven targeting
Use preset or customized rules, including those defined by visitor location, to target content to a specific audience.

Analytics-enhanced reporting

Sync customer data with Adobe Analytics for better targeting and more precise test filtering.

Adobe Target services

Get best practices and industry-leading support from Adobe consultants.

Mobile site targeting

Use personalization and targeting to stay relevant to your mobile audiences. 






Learn how to solve business problems.

Read our use-cases for best practices in Target.