Macromedia MAX 2005

MAX E-Learning Day

Sunday, October 16, 2005
9:00am - 5:00pm
No Fee
Detailed Agenda

Training directors, managers and e-learning developers—don't miss the latest trends in e-learning!

Join us for MAX E-Learning Day, designed to give decision makers and developers a forum to explore the latest e-learning trends and products from the leader in the field. Industry experts representing key customers, partners, top-developers, and a panel of Macromedia product experts will share their knowledge of e-learning and help you choose and support the right path for success.

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Registration for E-Learning Day is free of charge and open to all individuals. You are not required to register for MAX 2005 in order to attend E-Learning Day.

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E-Learning Trends and the Macromedia Vision
Tom King leads a review of trends in learning technology, including rapid elearning, informal learning, communication and collaboration, and technology-based teaching aids. See the Macromedia vision for learning and examples supporting this vision.

Distance Learning, the New Frontier: Revolutionizing the Virtual Classroom
Breeze Product Manager David Yun and the Breeze team will share best practices and features. Learn how to leverage Macromedia products for an engaging virtual classroom experience for learners across the world, while enabling training departments to maximize learning content reuse.


PowerPoint to Flash: Pfizer's Case Study in Rapid e-Learning with Breeze
Don O’Guin from Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals will share how rapid e-learning was implemented with success and made significant impact upon both communications and learning and development. Topics explored include:
• Business drivers that led to acquiring rapid content capability
• Organizational challenges
• Breeze implementation processes
• Instructional design requirements
• Establishing standards, best practices, and governance

Captivate News and Features
Silke Fleischer and the Captivate team will share techniques and features for creating effective e-learning. See uses of Captivate that extend beyond software simulation and hear the latest product news straight from the team.


Business Drivers and Strategies for Transitioning an Organization to E-Learning
Frank Hanfland of Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. will discuss the business drivers and methodologies necessary for successful deployment of e-learning within an organization. Hear examples and case studies on how to convince stakeholders with solid facts and how to select the most effective development approach. Learn how to evaluate quantitative and qualitative considerations, as well as before-and-after comparisons on the impact of e-learning centric training delivery on an organization.

Authorware Update
Andrew Chemey will share news and Authorware features for creating rich and powerful e-learning. Make the most of this professional product to successfully transfer, develop and assess core knowledge and skills.


News Flash and Flash News
Mike Downey, Flash Product Manager, will share what’s new with Macromedia Flash and how it can be applied to e-learning. And Tom King will help you discover additional options to enhance the productivity of web developers creating elearning using Dreamweaver and Flash.

Keeping the Learning in Rapid E-Learning
Kit Horton will share strategies and techniques to ensure your rapid e-learning is both rapid and effective. Learn design techniques, template strategies, and other tips that will help subject matter experts and instructional developers alike.

Open Dialog with the Experts
Tom King moderates a discussion with key E-Learning Day presenters and Macromedia personnel to address audience comments and questions.

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