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The MAX 2004 sessions are grouped into seven tracks, designed to help you locate the sessions most applicable to your job. The seven tracks are:

Creating Rich Media: It isn't enough just to be different -- learn techniques and practices that enable you to create media with real impact and the power to communicate in new ways. These sessions teach you advanced techniques for drawing and animation, how to incorporate video effectively, and how a little bit of scripting can add interactive power to Flash.

Designing and Publishing for the Web: Designing and publishing large amounts of information to the Web -- Internet or intranet -- is a central development problem for many organizations. Macromedia has been working toward evolving a complete and fully integrated set of tools to make the job easier than it has ever been. This track focuses on using Macromedia Studio along with Contribute and ColdFusion to build powerful Web information systems -- from design to templating to deployment to content management.

Designing Great Experiences: Macromedia provides the tools to create great experiences, but there's more to it than just having the tools. So we also created a team of specialists to work with some of our customers on identifying some of the key problems in designing great experiences -- and solving them. This track presents some lessons learned in overcoming client-server and Web paradigms to create truly rich Internet applications.

Developing Rich Internet Applications: This track focuses on techniques and technical challenges in building rich Internet applications using the powerful array of tools Macromedia provides: Flex, Flash, Flash Communication Server, and Central. Sessions address application design as well as basic and advanced development techniques, addressing problems like data access, creating components, and building sometimes-connected applications.

Mobile and Devices: The power and use of mobile devices has increased dramatically over the past few years and will continue to do so, creating what is expected to be the largest and fastest growing arena for application development over the next decade. These sessions show you the tools Macromedia has developed from the Flash technology to help you create the next generation of rich applications and interfaces for the mobile world.

Training and Collaboration: Macromedia has long been the leader in creating tools for creating online learning, but products like Breeze, Flash, RoboDemo and RoboHelp make it easy to address a much broader array of online learning and collaboration challenges. This track focuses on using and extending these tools effectively to communicate information electronically on a new level.

Web Application Development: This track shows you how to take ColdFusion programming to the next level through better design of applications and databases, Web Services, ColdFusion Components, and more. Learn to develop for scalability and reusability, plug security holes, leverage ColdFusion's Java underpinnings, and understand the ColdFusion's infrastructure to create more robust applications.

Creating Rich Media

Designing and Publishing for the Web

Designing Great Experiences

Developing Rich Internet Applications

Mobile and Devices

Training and Collaboration

Web Application Development

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