Macromedia MAX 2004

Full Day Hands-On Training

Monday, November 1, 2004
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Additional Fee: $350

These hands-on training classes are designed to provide intensive, in-depth training in a small class atmosphere. Each student will be assigned their own computer, and class size will be limited to provide the best learning experience for everyone. All training classes will be led by Macromedia Certified Instructors, and feature the authorized Macromedia curriculum.

The $350 fee includes a full day hands-on training at an individually assigned computer, a session workbook containing step-by-step instructions and sample exercises, breakfast and lunch.

Stand-by for Pre-Conference Hands-on Training classes
Space in Pre-conference Hands-On Training classes is limited and will sell out. Once a training class has sold out, a wait list will be instituted. Each waitlist will have ten spaces, once the waitlist is full no further requests will be taken.

Payment for pre-conference Hands-on training classes is due in full by October 1, 2004. If payment is not received by this date, the space in the class will be released to the first person on the wait list.

You can register for full day hands-on training when you register for MAX.

Get Ready for Blackstone (Sold Out)

Come and get hands-on with "Blackstone", the next major release of Macromedia ColdFusion MX, in this one-day MAX training session . Experience for yourself Blackstone's new rich forms, including Flash and XForms; Blackstone's new printing and reporting capabilities featuring sophisticated PDF and FlashPaper generation; and the exciting new event gateway capabilities. In addition, learn how the new Dreamweaver extensions for ColdFusion will speed up your development and testing; how major upgrades to Verity search will provide a new level of search capabilities for your site; and how Blackstone's improved Charting and Graphing engine will deliver crisp, rich charts in your applications and even inside structured business reports.

To take this course, you must be an experienced ColdFusion developer. This course is not intended for people with little or no ColdFusion knowledge.

Delivering High Quality Video with Flash (Sold Out)

The Flash Player is the most available technology on the market today for delivering high-quality video experiences over the web. It is installed on more internet-ready computers, phones, and mobile devices than any other streaming technology. In this one-day hands-on training class, you will learn need-to-know techniques for encoding, streaming, and presenting pre-recorded or live video content using the Flash Player. Topics will include developing a rich media player; high-quality encoding techniques; creating live video; and delivering video using progressive download, the Flash Communication Server, and the Flash Video Streaming Service. Advanced topics including messaging, buffering techniques, and synchronization with other Flash elements will also be covered.

To take this course, you should have basic video and Flash MX 2004 experience. A knowledge of ActionScript will also be helpful.

This session will be taught on both Mac and PC platforms. When registering, be sure to select the (Mac) session title if you prefer a Mac.

Building Rich Internet Applications with Flash and ColdFusion (Sold Out)

Are you ready to transform your regular old HTML interfaces into rich Internet applications that provide more effective and interactive user experiences? In this one-day hands-on training class, learn to build a rich Internet application using Flash and ColdFusion. You will create the front-end of the application with Flash, master the basics of the Flash MX 2004 authoring environment; ActionScript 2.0; and learn how to add, script, and customize the pre-built Flash user interface components. You'll create the back-end of the application with ColdFusion, creating a ColdFusion component to retrieve data from a database. You will finish up the application, sending data back and forth between the front and back ends of the application using both web services and Flash Remoting.

To take this course, you do not need any prior Flash or ColdFusion experience but you should have programming experience in some language.

Building Rich Internet Applications with Flex (Sold Out)

Want to learn to build a rich Internet application using code, only code, so help you Macromedia? Now you can. In this one-day hands-on training class, learn to build a rich Internet application with Flex. Create MXML documents using MXML (the Flex markup language) and the ActionScript language to define what objects (text, images, and components) exist in the application, where the objects are located, and how the objects interact with the user as well as other client-side and server-side logic. Specifically, you will learn how to create interfaces using Flex controls and containers, how to handle user and system events, how to define data models which enable the use of an MVC architecture, and how to use service tags to retrieve data from remote XML files, web services, or Java classes. You will also learn to properly architect your applications by dividing application functionality into separate MXML components which define and use custom events to exchange data between MXML component instances. Macromedia Flex Builder will be used as the development environment.

To take this course, you do not need any prior Flex experience but you should have extensive programming experience with an application server programming language such as Java, C#, or ColdFusion.

Intranet Development & Management with the Macromedia Web Publishing System (Sold Out)

Macromedia's Web Publishing System (WPS) had everything an organization needs to affordably build, manage and publish to websites. In this one day, hands-on session, you will start by learning how to use the WPS to develop a website with multiple contributors in mind using Dreamweaver and elements of our Studio MX 2004 products. Once a website is developed, you will experiment with setting up Contribute 3 and Flashpaper 2 for end users to incorporate changes to your website without harming the layout. You will also learn how to incorporate the Contribute Publishing Services to enable administrators to manage website access centrally while tracking usage, how to implement a simple submission approval system, and how to simply user management by leveraging your corporate directory services.

To take this course, you should have knowledge of creating websites using Dreamweaver.

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