Macromedia MAX 2004

Attendee Resources

These resources are available to MAX attendees because we want to ensure that you have a great experience not only at the conference, but before and after as well.

The following resource links are available to registered MAX attendees only. If you have any questions or problems with the applications, please contact

Presentation Library: Conference presentation files and handouts.

introNetworks: Find and communicate with other MAX attendees.

Presentation Library

The Presentation Library is the repository of information on MAX 2004 sessions. This site will be live for 90 days following the conference, and will be updated with Breeze recordings of the sessions as they become available from the presenters.

The Presentation Library is password protected. The login and password were emailed to all attendees prior to the conference, and can also be found in the Agenda and Sponsor Directory you received in your MAX Conference bag.

Please note that the login and password for the Presentation Library are different from your CyberCafe/introNetworks login and password.

If you have any questions, contact

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introNetworks is an application that helps you find and communicate with other MAX attendees who share your personal and professional interests. We encourage you to sign in to get the best advantage from this innovative application. Sign in now ›


  1. Your email login and password are the same ones that you defined during your registration process. If you cannot remember your login and password, please email
  2. On the first screen you can update your contact information if necessary. On the second screen, enter three words you'd like to use as conversation starters. These words are seen by other attendees on your personal "introCard" within the application as well as on your MAX badge. They are a great way for you to be very specific about your interests. Then enter your interests and skills as directed by the program.
  3. On the final profile screen, click "Complete Profile" to access the Visualizer where you can see who at MAX is most like you personally and professionally. Zoom in and out of the Visualizer to see where other attendees map against your interests.
  4. Click on the pins to see other attendees' introCards and contact them via the introNetworks email system. Integrated video mail built on the Flash Communication Server MX technology allows all attendees to access video mail within the application.

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