Macromedia MAX 2005

Speaker Bios


David Aaron

David has been a trainer for 11+ years and runs courses in eight different Macromedia products as well as other technologies. David's development work includes large-scale content management systems, self-service applications, e-commerce and trading floor systems. When he is not developing or training he does project management as well as writing assessment and training materials for Further and Higher Education Programmes in the United Kingdom. Previous to working as a trainer and developer he has been an academic Anthropologist and a professional pastry chef. Born in Milwaukee Wisconsin with several degrees from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, he now lives in Manchester England and works all over the Europe. While at MAX he will be seeking souvenirs ideas for his two children (Leah and Saul), spouse (Maia) and a couple of labradors (Star and Planet). Suggestions are welcome.

David Aden

David Aden is CTO for Webworld Technologies and has worked on a variety of ColdFusion and other web application projects for the Navy, Microsoft, CareerBuilder, Cable & Wireless and others. In addition to his web application development, he's currently serving as senior architect for the Enterprise Architecture effort at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission where he's concentrated on making enterprise architecture data available to the entire agency using ColdFusion. That work has expanded in the last year to include work on a Flex RIA. He's worked on three books with Ben Forta and served as network editor for a national monthly focusing on technology use by state and local governments. Unlike Ray, he's the proud father of only two former bundles of joy—both of whom are now big enough to kick his...


Curtis Bates

Curtis Bates, as an avid techno-geek since the first viewing of a Kirk-Genre Star Trek re-run, has been involved in the Internet space since the dawn of HTML. Working as a Network Engineer for Daou Systems, Inc., Curtis performed design and construction management of network infrastructures for many medical and higher-education facilities. Curtis continued network design with the implementation of digital video delivery and high-bandwidth video conferencing applications over ATM until moving into the Federal space with Lockheed Martin in 1999. As a Computer Scientist, Curtis worked in R&D on creating browser-based analysis / dashboard applications for the Federal enterprise to include fusing video, text and imagery metadata into a common, multilingual search and presentation environment through the use of XML technologies. Curtis and his colleague Jason Flynn also constructed a web-based distance-learning application showcasing bi-directional chat and one-way video and slides all in the DHTML environment. He now wishes that Flash was around when back then. :)

Now with SAIC, Curtis, teamed again with Jason, functions as the program manager and architect for a federal program showcasing many new technologies and methodologies to include Macromedia Flex, Formal Ontology-based systems, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), 2D & 3D GIS, object-relational mapping (ORM), various Open Source technologies, and rapid design methodologies to include Agile with Scrum, model and test-driven development, and continuous integration. One of the requirements of the program is the integration of many stovepipes in the federal space.

Curtis received his Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). Having a beautiful wife and son keeps him from going back to school.

Joe Berkovitz

Joe Berkovitz is Chief Architect at Allurent, Inc. in Cambridge, MA, which is developing a suite of Flex-based Rich Internet Applications for commerce. Joe has spent 27 years in the software profession, as an architect, interface designer and engineer. He was Chief Architect at startups Ruckus Network and Unveil Technologies; before that he spent 8 years at ATG developing many of the core components of that company's products, originating a number of key ideas with patents granted or pending. Prior to ATG, he worked at Houghton Mifflin Co., Stratus Computer and Bolt, Beranek and Newman, among others. His experience includes consulting as well as product development; he has worked with such diverse clients as Harvard Business School, Sony and BMG Music Club. Joe is also a pianist and has performed and recorded with jazz clarinetist Don Byron.

Dan Blackman

Dan Blackman is a Senior Web Consultant, Project Manager, and Macromedia Certified Instructor. He holds an Advanced Certification in ColdFusion MX 7 and Macromedia Flash MX 2004. He has 9+ years experience including business development, requirements definition, modeling, and software development using technologies such as ColdFusion MX 7, Flash MX 2004, Flex, HTML, Java, XML, and RDMS's such as Oracle 8.x/9.x and SQL Server 7.0/2000. Dan authored several chapters in the acclaimed book Dynamic Publishing with ColdFusion MX. Dan has worked on several highly recognized web applications for Verizon Information Systems, Macromedia, Caterpillar, Pella Windows & Doors, Avaya and University of Buffalo along with being an active member/presenter in the Dallas ColdFusion User's Group.

Matt Boles

As a principal instructor for the Macromedia Educational Services group, Matthew Boles has been using or teaching ColdFusion for five years and Macromedia Flash for three years. Matthew has a diverse background in web development, computer networking, and teaching, in both professional computer classes and the public schools. He co-authored the Certified ColdFusion Developer Study Guide, and has worked as a course developer on the official Macromedia curriculum in both ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash.

Andrew Borovsky

Andrew Borovsky is a Senior UI Designer for Macromedia's Experience Design team. In his four years at Macromedia he was involved in planning and design of Studio MX 2004, Contribute, Breeze and Flex products, and countless showcase applications.

At the moment his focus is exclusively on Macromedia's mobile strategy and related products including Flash Lite, Flash MMI and Flashcast. Andrew develops new design and interaction models, drafts guidelines, and works directly with device manufacturers, service providers, and mobile developers all over the world.

Andrew was previously an interaction designer with marchFIRST in New York. He received a number of awards for his work for Audi of America.

Angela C. Buraglia

Angela C. Buraglia used to be a makeup artist for independent film, but she left her career for one where she could work from home and raise her son. Although she only aspired to be a web developer, unintentionally she became that and more. She is perhaps best known as the founder of which she still runs today with Daniel Short.

Angela is the co-author of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Killer Tips with Joseph Lowery as well as a co-author of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic. She is a contributing author to Macromedia ColdFusion MX 7 Web Application Construction Kit and has been a technical editor for various Dreamweaver titles.

Angela's future plans are to continue developing, to build and sell Dreamweaver extensions, and to continue her involvement in Cartweaver. Long gone are the days of applying makeup; now Angela applies her variety of skills to web development.


Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden is Director of Development for Mindseye, Inc. A long time ColdFusion user, Raymond has worked on numerous ColdFusion books and serves as a technical editor and contributor for the ColdFusion Developers Journal. He also presents at numerous conferences and contributes to online webzines. He created and runs the Common Function Library Project,, an open source repository of ColdFusion UDFs. Raymond has helped form three Macromedia User Groups and is the manager of the Acadiana Macromedia Multimedia User Group, Raymond is a member of Team Macromedia and the proud father of three little bundles of joy.

Josh Cavalier

Josh Cavalier is the founder and director of Lodestone Digital. He has been in the print and web design industry for over thirteen years, and has worked in various digital media fields including medical visualization, digital photography and printing.

Josh has his BFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has also attended classes at Georgia Tech. He has appeared in People magazine describing his method of historical digital photography. This method was used with a project for the Charlotte Museum of History to reconstruct the likeness of one of the city's founders, Hezekiah Alexander.

Danilo Celic

A free copy of Dreamweaver 1.2 on a cover CD of an imported computer magazine turned Danilo away (mostly) from the fabled Notepad development system. Using every version of Dreamweaver since then and becoming intrigued (obsessed his wife would say) with its extensibility has lead him to developing data-driven web applications for companies small to very large, becoming a partner at CommunityMX writing articles and tutorials on Macromedia products and application development topics, and recently joining as a software engineer crafting extensions for a variety of Macromedia products including Dreamweaver, Flash and Contribute. Along the way, Danilo got to do a few Macromedia User Group presentations, tech edited a number of Dreamweaver and Macromedia Studio books, and was a contributing author for Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic.

Paul Clothier

Paul Clothier is a learning specialist, e-Learning strategist, speaker and author. He has been in the technology training and learning field for over 20 years and specializes in hi-tech e-learning. He is a regular contributor to various training and e-learning magazines and journals. Paul is principal at LearnHost, which offers business and organizations rapid e-learning strategies, solutions and tools.

Alexandru Costin

Alexandru is President of Products Division with InterAKT Online. He is proficient in several web programming languages, including Java, PHP and ColdFusion, and led several consulting projects to success. For Macromedia, he was in charge with the development of the ColdFusion MX 7 and the PHP5 support in Dreamweaver. Alexandru was also involved in designing PHAkt, the first PHP server model for Ultradev 4. Currently, he is in charge with researching and designing the new line of software products for InterAKT Online, and defining the company's philosophy. MX Kollection 3, a professional suite of Dreamweaver extensions, is his most recent success in the attempt to improve the way developers and designers develop web applications. Alexandru is an active contributor to Dreamweaver forums and other developer communities and is a writer for the MXDJ and CFDJ magazines, and he keeps a blog with InterAKT insights and tales from web conferences.


Jonathan Duran

Jonathan Duran has been working at Macromedia for over 5 years and is currently the Developer Support Manager for Mobile and Devices.  Prior to that, Jonathan worked to support the Macromedia developer community in a range of positions including Flash support tech, DevNet editor, and developer relations for Macromedia Central.  Jonathan loves working with Macromedia Flash building mobile applications and doing graphic design, but prefers backpacking in the Yosemite wilderness, writing electronica, and feeding catnip to his cat.


Dirk Eismann

Dirk Eismann is Software Engineer and Macromedia Certified Instructor at the Hannover based software company Herrlich & Ramuschkat. Dirk started developing with Macromedia tools back in 1996 when he was hired as a freelance developer to built a CBT application based on Director 5.0. Currently, he is focusing on designing, developing and implementing web based software solutions for various clients, including VW, Faurecia and B.Braun. Typically, the projects Dirk works on rely on software like Flex, Flash, ColdFusion and Breeze to build great user experiences.

Dirk is an active contributor to the Flex community, a member of the Cairngorm committee and runs—a blog dedicated to rich internet applications.


Scott Fegette

Scott Fegette is a product manager for Macromedia's Developer Relations group, focusing on Studio 8.  His experience at Macromedia also includes positions on the Dreamweaver product team, the Community Support team, and as an engineering manager on the 2003 global redesign project. Before joining Macromedia in 2000, Scott spent half a decade as the webmaster and online services director at former Santa Barbara graphics software company MetaCreations. In his ever-waning free time, Scott is both a professional musician, independent photographer and gadget freak—with a deep love for all things cinematic.

Ken Fricklas

Ken Fricklas is a long time ColdFusion and Dreamweaver developer and trainer, having used ColdFusion since its earliest commercial release (version 1.5).  He's co-author of both Sybex's ColdFusion MX Developer's Handbook and Macromedia Press's Advanced ColdFusion MX Programming (with Ben Forta).  He has spoken at many user group meetings, Macromedia Developer conferences, and Internet World conferences, and has been a co-founder of several internet companies including Mallfinder Network, the Radiance Group, and Disinformation (a distinction shared with Jeff Tapper).

Ken currently does ColdFusion consulting and training from his home in Boulder, Colorado.


Joe Ganci

Joseph Ganci is President of Dazzle Technologies Corp., a custom training and learning company located in Sterling, VA, just outside Washington, D.C. He has been involved in every aspect of multimedia and learning development with an emphasis in training development since 1983.

Mr. Ganci has taught classes and seminars at leading universities and in many government facilities, commercial firms, educational institutions, and has spoken at many industry conferences. Mr. Ganci is also a published author, having written several books and articles about e-learning, and is widely considered a guru for his expertise in e-learning development.

He has consulted on a wide range of multimedia and learning applications worldwide for many organizations. Mr. Ganci holds his degree in Computer Science.

David Gassner

David Gassner is a principal with Schooner Technical Media, Macromedia's Certified Training Partner in the Pacific Northwest, and has been working with ColdFusion since 1998 and with Flex since its creation.  He is a Macromedia Certified Instructor teaching courses in Flex, ColdFusion, and Dreamweaver.  He is co-author of Macromedia's Certified Advanced Courseware for Flex 1.5, and has written technical articles and presented at Allaire and Macromedia conferences on ColdFusion, XML, Java, and other subjects.

David George

David George is a software architect for Macromedia Flex.  Currently, he is focusing on improving runtime performance.  Previously, he led the design of the MXML language, and he helped create the Flex application model.  Prior to joining the Flex team, he was an engineering lead for the first five releases of Macromedia Dreamweaver.  Before joining Macromedia, he built a multimedia runtime engine for Sybase, and he created a 3-D photorealistic renderer for Digital Equipment Corporation.  Over the last 15 years, he has created four timeline editors; he's hoping to avoid ever creating a fifth.

Gary Grossman

Gary Grossman is a software architect working on the Flash Player at Macromedia. Gary joined Macromedia in 1998 and has worked on every release of Flash since Flash 4, in a variety of capacities from engineering to management. He has had the pleasure of working alongside such Flash luminaries as Jonathan Gay, the original inventor and author of Flash. Gary was the primary developer on the ActionScript programming language in Flash 4, Flash 5 and Flash MX, and continues to participate actively in the evolution of the ActionScript programming language. Gary lives and works in San Francisco, California, where Macromedia has its headquarters.


Robert Hall

Robert M. Hall pushes Flash in unique directions. Over the past 8 years working with Flash include developing and integrating Flash into next generation ATM machines, self-service coin-counters, specialty kiosks and secure web and wireless banking applications.

In September of 2003, Robert joined Talisman Interactive as a Principal and Director of Technology, where he focuses on melding Flash with devices for use in interactive exhibits and kiosks for experiential destinations, such as museums, interpretive centers and other venues. The touchscreen based user interface and control system for the Intellifit bodyscanner highlights one of his most recent successful projects.

Robert has contributed to six books on Macromedia Flash design and development over the past few years, and several articles for online publications and Macromedia DevNet. He has been a presenter at FlashForward in NY in 2001 and 2004. Robert also presents and speaks regularly about Flash in his role as the manager of the Philadelphia Macromedia Flash User Group.  Roberts personal site — — lists his other Flash related projects and news.

Frank Hanfland

Frank Hanfland is the Technical Training Manager of Safety-Kleen's Professional Development group and has spent the past ten years on the forefront of multimedia and eLearning development.  His experience reaches back to application programming in BASIC, developing in Authorware 3, Flash since version 3, and many other platforms to provide integrated solutions to a wide variety of industries, ranging from telecom, banking and insurance, to hazardous waste companies.  In addition to his technical expertise, Frank Hanfland has a solid background in instructional design and is an advocate of using the most modern methodologies to solve an organizations human performance improvement and support requirements.

David Hassoun

David Hassoun started his career over 8 years ago in the graphic design field. It wasn't long until he started working in the digital media realm, and with the release of Flash 4 soon became a devoted Macromedia enthusiast. With a degree from the Art Institute of Colorado and a start with print media he has excelled as a motion & interactive media specialist. Including working with an array of digital mediums such as web design/applications, Pocket PC Development, CD-ROM applications, 3D animation, video production, motion graphics, post-production, and DVD design/authoring. David is a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor and teaches authorized Macromedia content through Roundpeg, and is also currently teaching a Rich Internet Applications class for the University of Denver (DU). This year David is also co-authoring the new Macromedia Press Flash 8 Designer Certification Guide, as well as an exciting new Macromedia Flash 8: Advanced Design for Designers authorized course.

Sean Hedenskog

Sean Hedenskog is a Macromedia Certified Instructor for ColdFusion and Dreamweaver with 10 years experience as a technical trainer. Most of his career has been devoted to technical training, application development and public speaking. Sean is currently focused on working with Macromedia and its training partners to deliver high quality training. He has been a Macromedia Certified Instructor since 1998, when he was first certified to teach Fast Track to ColdFusion for Allaire. Since then he has led hundreds of courses on HTML, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver and Flash. Sean is pleased to return as a presenter at Macromedia MAX 2005.

Ryan Hicks

Ryan is a visual and interaction designer for the Macromedia Experience Design Group with a love for the interplay of content, design, and structure. He has created award-winning online and offline work for Wired Magazine, Orange Photography, The Attik, Quokka Sports, J. Walter Thompson and independent clients ranging from record labels to motorcycle racing teams. Ryan has a dual BA in conceptual design and fine art from San Francisco State University.

Simon Horwith

Simon Horwith is the Chief Information Officer at AboutWeb and is the Editor-in-Chief of ColdFusion Developer's Journal. Simon is a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor and is a Member of Team Macromedia. He has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5 and specializes in ColdFusion application architecture, including architecting applications that integrate with Java, Flash, Flex, and a myriad of other technologies. In addition to presenting at user groups and conferences around the world, he has also been a contributing author of several books and technical papers. You can read his blog at

Karl Horvath

Karl Horvath directs central web operations, develops information system solutions and creates new media applications for Temple University in Philadelphia, PA ranked fourth-most "Connected" campus in the U.S. by the Princeton Review. He manages complex projects and provides information design, usability, accessibility and organizational communication services for systems, software and applications. Previously he operated an information technology and media business that specialized in designing and implementing new media and technology solutions for large businesses and corporations. Karl has 15 years of teaching graduate and undergraduate students at several colleges and universities. His Master's degree concentration was Computer Mediated Communication and he receives his Ph.D. in Mass Media and Communications in 2006.

Sue Hove

Sue Hove is the Director of Instructor Readiness at Macromedia. For the last 7 years, she has been building hands-on, technical training for customers using ColdFusion, Dreamweaver and JRun. Sue has been teaching technical training for the last 12 years in the areas of client/server development and relational database management and design.


Narciso Jaramillo

Narciso (nj) Jaramillo is the product designer (and occasional engineer) for the the next generation of Macromedia Flex Builder.  He started at Macromedia in 1997 as an engineer on Dreamweaver 1.0, and helped lead design and development for several versions.  He also led design and UI development for Macromedia Contribute and contributed to the design of the cross-product Macromedia UI. In his spare time, nj enjoys taking way too many pictures of his kid and playing jazz piano.

Mark Jonkman

Mark Jonkman is a Senior Courseware Programmer at PLATO Learning, INC in Bloomington, MN. Mark has over 7 years of experience in the field of e-learning, developing courseware using both Director and Flash. One of his passions is experimenting with new techniques and methods for integrating Director and Flash together in order to create richer applications.

Mark has written several articles for Macromedia's DevNet site on the subjects of integrating Flash assets within Director and working with Director MX 2004's new JavaScript syntax. He has also been a technical reviewer on several books on using Flash and programming ActionScript.


Jerry Knight

Jerry Knight leads user interface design projects at Macromedia and was a charter member of its Experience Design Team. He's passionate about improving the way things are done on computers, devices and beyond through easy-to-use, next-generation interfaces.

Gary Kovacs

Gary Kovacs is vice president of marketing for mobile and devices at Macromedia.  In this role he is responsible for Macromedia's mobile marketing strategy, communications, and market intelligence.

Kovacs is a veteran of the mobile industry.  Prior to joining Macromedia in 2004, he led the successful creation of Zi Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed technology company specializing in embedded software and services for mobile and consumer devices. As president of Zi Corporation, Kovacs envisioned a technology to bridge the usability gap between humans and computing devices and developed the company from initial traction to a repeatable product business with over 100 major customers shipping over 50 million mobile devices annually.

Kovacs also spent 10 years at IBM in positions of increasing seniority including product management and marketing, corporate marketing, sales leadership, and general management within the global software division based in New York. Kovacs holds a bachelor of commerce and an MBA, with distinction, from the University of Calgary.


Paul Lamonby

Paul has worked as a Multimedia Designer for the past 6 years, specializing in Flash and incorporating PHP and MySql to create dynamic web and multimedia content. Paul has also lectured at Newcastle College of Art and Design for 2 years, teaching Flash Actionscript and Flash design principles to the 2nd year Multimedia course. As joint founder and Technical Director of BlueskyNorth Ltd, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Paul has moved his expertise into developing Flash Lite content for the new and exciting mobile and devices sector.

Erick Lee

Erick Lee has over a decade of information technology experience. His focus at Macromedia is on product security. Prior to joining Macromedia, he worked as a security consultant for @stake, where he focused on application and network security by assessing cryptographic systems, source code, network protocols, and infrastructure security. Before that he was the principal owner of IT firm Kinetisys. There he designed and built web applications for legal and service industry clients. He was also a member of the R&D team for eSecurityOnline, formally a branch of Ernst & Young, where he researched vulnerabilities, wrote security policy (ISO-7799, HIPPA, etc.), and assembled host-hardening guidelines for over 51 platforms and technologies.

Ty Lettau

Ty is a Senior Interaction Designer for Macromedia's Experience Design team. Ty works primarily on RIA projects—ranging in scope from real development to future vision prototypes. He also operates, where he posts experimental work. Ty believes that his experimental work constantly informs his more "pragmatic" RIA work by reminding him that there are always new and unique ways to solve problems.

George Linardos

As Sr. Business Development Manager, Branded Content for Nokia, George Linardos is charged with driving content deals and partnerships for Preminet and Forum Nokia with major media and entertainment companies.

Mr. Linardos came to Nokia from a similar position at Macromedia as Director of Programming.  Prior to joining Macromedia, George formed and ran the New Media division of HSI Productions Inc., one of the largest television commercial and music video production companies in the world.  At HSI, he oversaw a diverse slate of forward thinking ventures in the areas of Internet content, videogames, and branded entertainment.

George was originally a feature film executive and producer for Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone and then in partnership with actor-filmmaker Ben Stiller.  Some of the projects he helped develop and produce include The People vs. Larry Flynt, Zoolander, and the Emmy and Golden Globe winning HBO film Indictment: The McMartin Trial.

Tom Link

Tom Link is the CTO of Universal Mind, Inc. He recently joined Universal Mind following over five years at Allaire and Macromedia. As Principal Consultant for Macromedia, Tom has worked onsite with over 100 of Macromedia's largest and most strategic customers helping to plan, code, review, tune, and troubleshoot some of the largest and most critical applications in the world based on Macromedia server products.

Adrian Ludwig

Adrian Ludwig leads Macromedia's product security efforts.  Prior to joining Macromedia in early 2004, Adrian worked with large software companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Seibel as a Managing Security Architect for @stake.  His consulting engagements focused on evaluation of complex security and cryptographic systems including electronic voting and DRM.  Adrian started his career as a cryptographer for the NSA.


Viral Mehta

Viral Mehta administrates central web operations and specializes in content management solutions at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA ranked fourth most "Connected" campus in the U.S. by the Princeton Review. He evaluates commercial and open source information systems and provides web support, consultation and solutions to tens of thousands of users in the university community. He works closely with major software companies to develop and maintain Temple systems. Viral also uses his skills as an accomplished web developer and systems administrator to teach developers how to create web based solutions. Viral has two master's degrees in MIS and finance that prepared him well to work with enterprise information systems.

Colin Moock

Colin Moock is an independent web guru with a passion for networked creativity and expression. He is author of the world-renowned guides to Flash programming, ActionScript for Flash MX: The Definitive Guide (O'Reilly & Associates, 2003, 2001) and Essential ActionScript 2.0 (O'Reilly & Associates, 2004). A web professional since 1995, Moock runs one of the web's most venerable Flash developer sites, He spends most of his time pursuing his cardinal interest, multiuser application development, and working on Unity,'s complete commercial framework for creating and deploying multiuser applications for Macromedia Flash.


Mike Nimer

Mike Nimer is a senior engineer on the ColdFusion engineering team, responsible for features such as the rich forms in ColdFusion MX 7 and the administrator API. Before joining the engineering team, Nimer spent three years working as a senior consultant with Allaire. He then joined a Macromedia consulting group, where he provided on-site assistance to customers with their architecture planning, code reviews, performance tuning, and general fire fighting.

Michael Ninness

Michael grew up in the Redwoods of Arcata in Northern California. He moved to Seattle in 1989 to study for a Graphic Design BFA at the University of Washington and fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. He paid his way through design school by teaching professional designers and photographers digital imaging tools and techniques. Michael now has over eight years experience in the graphics software industry as a product manager and user interface designer of products for creative professionals at Extensis, Microsoft and Adobe. In early 2005, Michael returned to his training roots and joined the team at, an award-winning education provider of self-paced online video training, CDs, books and events for designers, developers, instructors, students and hobbyists.


Tim O'Hare

Tim is a Flash Developer for Scripps Networks, the parent company of HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Fine Living,, Shop at Home and Great American Country. His responsibilities are centered on the development of Flash applications for many of the Scripps Networks online properties. Within his first year and a half with the company, Tim has won two Macromedia Site of the Day awards and has written a Macromedia Dev Center article for the Macromedia website. Before Scripps Networks, Tim worked for many multimedia development firms within the Knoxville, TN area. He also spent one year teaching Flash and Director Development for ITT. Tim has a BFA in Graphic Design and spent 5 years pole vaulting for the University of Tennessee Track and Field Team.


Steven Piscopo

Steve graduated from the RMIT Animation and Interactive Media course in 2000, then brought his swag of animation and design skills to Nectarine

Steve is the lead flash animator at Nectarine. Some of his roles include; Real World, a music clip for 4 Minute Wonders, 12 episode animated series for Planet Slayer (AEAF Best Web animation 2002, Annecy finalist), creating gorgeous narrative and character animation for the game Tork, and is responsible for turning Macromedia's software into animated superheroes for a number of animated conference intros both in Australia and overseas.

Steve has spoken on character and game animation at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and at MXDU 2004/5. He sings badly, draws brilliantly and one day hopes to take over the world.


Bob Regan

Bob Regan is the Sr. Product Management for education, government and financial services at Macromedia. In that role, he serves as the customer advocate within product organization representing designers, developers and end users in each market. It is his responsibility to connect with the specific needs, challenges and successes of customers working to create digital content and applications. Bob has been very successful at sharing these experiences with the product teams and shaping Macromedia tools to ensure they are a great experience for all.

Bob Regan joined Macromedia in 2001 as the product manager for accessibility to launch Macromedia’s accessibility effort. Since then, Bob has pioneered techniques in accessible rich media. He has helped write standards used by the W3C, The UK Office of e-Government and the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee. He has worked with companies like HP, Cisco, SAP, IBM, Motown, and Fujitsu to understand how to develop and support accessible rich media.

Peter Ryce

Peter Ryce is the Product Evangelist for Breeze at Macromedia. He is responsible for informing customers, partners, and Macromedia employees about Breeze. He has been involved in software product management and marketing for the past 14 years, including management of Director, Macromedia Flash Communication Server and most recently, Breeze.


Guido Schroeder

Guido Schroeder is Vice President of Development at SAP Labs in Palo Alto, where he is leading SAP's NetWeaver platform development in the US. His teams are working closely with SAP's partners on integrating their solutions and are also responsible for the development of several components of the SAP NetWeaver platform. Before joining SAP Labs Guido worked in various Development Positions at SAP with focus on Business Intelligence tools.

Leo M. Schuman

Fifteen years of technical training, writing, and presentation experience, coupled with geek credentials dating back to the Sinclair ZX81, and forward through the latest web application development technologies, have made Leo a leading Macromedia Flash and ColdFusion instructor throughout the United States over the past seven years. Leo provides training internally and externally for Macromedia and its training partners, working as a principal with Schooner Technical Media in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. He also works regularly with Macromedia products—"practicing what he preaches"—through his web application and courseware development practice. You reach Leo through Schooner Technical Media at:

Aaron Silvers

After three years of elementary classroom teaching, Aaron launched into e-learning in 1999 creating interactive experiences with Macromedia Flash for clients including the National Football League, ING and others.  In 2002, Aaron contributed to Macromedia's DevNet, including a popular tutorial on building Asteroids with Flash’s Drawing API.

At Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), a leading Applied Research & Development firm committed to assisting industry and government, Aaron contributes to the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 as an advocate for developers, prototyping new SCORM 2004 content examples for Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) using a variety of technologies, including Flash.  An early adopter of emerging technologies, Aaron presents workable solutions to e-learning content development challenges at multiple conferences annually.

Aaron holds a Master's in Educational Technology from University of Wisconsin.  When he's not playing Lumines, singing karaoke or hacking GoogleMaps, Aaron is grounded by non-geeks: wife, Suzy; daughter, Logan and his dog, Mr. Chompers.

Grant Skinner

Grant is the Chief Architect/CEO of, a Flash development and consulting company working with leading new media agencies and progressive corporate clients to create cutting-edge applications, games and multimedia pieces. His expertise in fusing coding with interface design, usability, marketing, and business logic has garnered international acclaim and resulted in a number of prestigious industry awards.

Vera Sparre

Vera Sparre is senior product marketing manager at Macromedia.  She is part of the Mobile and Devices group, and responsible for Macromedia's marketing collaboration with Nokia, as well as all operator marketing activities worldwide. Before joining Macromedia, Vera held key product marketing roles where she helped bring numerous emerging technologies to the marketplace, including Microsoft's Windows 95 launch, Nextel's Business Networks and Charles Schwab's award-winning mobile trading services.  Vera holds an MBA from the University of Munich, Germany and the LUISS in Rome, Italy.

Stephanie Sullivan

Stephanie Sullivan owns and runs Violet Sky Design and W3 Conversions. Her expertise with X/HTML, CSS, accessibility and web standards has made her the lead slicer/dicer/CSS chef for several smart web companies and developers. Stephanie is a member of Team Macromedia and a partner at Community MX, a site where web developers of all levels increase their abilities through fresh daily content and author-monitored forums.

Stephanie is a member of the Dreamweaver Task Force (DWTF) for the Web Standards Project. DWTF works with Macromedia to fine tune its products' standards capabilities, and with web developers, teaching them to create standards-compliant web sites using Dreamweaver. She enjoys writing and tech reviewing books, and contributes articles to MXDJ, Macromedia's Developer Center (DevNet), Community MX and other online publications.

When she's not spending 12-hour days with the little people inside her computer, you'll find her getting very sandy on two beach volleyball teams.

Mike Sundermeyer

Mike Sundermeyer is SVP of Product Design at Macromedia. Growing up sailing and surfing in Santa Cruz has given him a love of the experience. Growing up with traffic lights that deliver two-minute reds at 3am has given him an indignation for bad design. At Macromedia, he used applied indignation as the lead UI designer for Dreamweaver, and contributed to the conception and design of Flex, Breeze, Contribute and other products. He currently co-leads the Experience Design (XD) team, whose mission is to explore new interaction patterns in flash-based RIA's and mobile interfaces.  Prior to Macromedia, Mike led various design and development projects at Gain technology and Sun Microsystems. Surprisingly he actually has a degree, a B.S. in EE/CS from UC Davis.


Jeff Tapper

Jeff Tapper is the Chief Technologist for Consulting. He has worked on a myriad of projects, for clients including Toys R Us, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Avaya, Macromedia, Dow Jones, American Express, Verizon, and Allied Office Supplies, among others. As a Macromedia Instructor, he is currently certified to teach all of Macromedia's courses on ColdFusion, Flash and Flex development. Jeff has been a member of the ColdFusion development community since 1995, and has co-authored 6 books on Internet application development. He is a frequent speaker at Macromedia Development Conferences and user groups. He is pleased to be speaking again at Macromedia MAX. Jeff formed Consulting to focus on developing Rich Internet Applications and empowering clients through mentoring.

Kevin Towes

Kevin Towes is Senior Consultant and Certified Macromedia Trainer for the New Toronto Group. Over his long career in the new media industry, Kevin has played a leadership role in the Macromedia community by sharing his knowledge of the Macromedia platform at conferences and user groups, and as a teacher at Ryerson University in Toronto. Kevin has also produced many leading-edge solutions in Flash, ColdFusion and FLEX with a focus on the film, television, and radio industries. Kevin is the author of numerous articles and books on Macromedia Flash, Flash Video, Flash Communication Server, and ColdFusion, as well as the official training material for Flash Communication Server MX and Flash Video. At the New Toronto Group, Kevin helps customers learn, develop, and deploy video and data communication solutions using Flash Player. You can reach Kevin at

Andrea Trento

Andrea Trento is General Manager at, the communication agency he founded in 1998. His expertise includes developing Rich Internet Applications and games for mobile devices and the web, as well as advising various European government bodies on the use of web- and mobile-based technologies. His professional advice mainly covers the development of educational cross-platform games and cartoons, as well as web GIS projects. Andrea has worked closely with Macromedia throughout the development of a variety of Flash Lite-based game projects. He is an active contributor to the Flash Lite community and cooperates with Italy's Macromedia User Groups As Member of Team Macromedia for Mobile and Devices, Andrea teaches different subjects related to Macromedia products and technologies and regularly contributes to Italian magazines focusing on mobile technology and development.


Josh Ulm

Josh Ulm currently works as Principal Designer/Developer for Macromedia's Experience Design team. For the past six months he has focused on delivering Macromedia's next generation Flash mobile solutions. Before joining Macromedia, Ulm founded ioResearch Studios, an interactive production studio whose clients ranged from museum and cultural institutions to software and technology leaders. His clients have included Chabot Space & Science Center, DreamWorks Records, General Motors, the International Olympic Committee, Lucas Films, Macromedia, Microsoft, Nike, National Geographic, NBC, and Sony. His work has appeared in Communication Arts and Wired Magazine as well as numerous design and internet books. He has taught classes for Lynda Weinman's Ojai Digital Arts Center and the San Francisco Academy of Art; presented work at various Internet and Design conferences in both the U.S. and in Europe; and judged a variety of design competitions including the Art Directors Club 83rd Annual Awards.


Scott Van Vliet

Scott Van Vliet is an Architect with Hitachi Consulting, and has been designing and developing solutions with ColdFusion for over 6 years.  He has lead teams of many sizes to deliver Enterprise Solutions for companies in various industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare and Energy & Utilities.  In addition to client-focused solutions, Scott is an avid writer and a passionate speaker.  He has contributed articles to several online and print publications, including Sys-Con's MX Developers Journal and The Code Project.  This is Scott's second appearance at MAX.

Glenda Vigoreaux

Glenda Vigoreaux is a Macromedia Master Certified Instructor with over 10 years experience as a technical trainer. She has been teaching Macromedia technologies since 1998 and currently teaches ColdFusion, Dreamweaver, Captivate and Breeze. Most of her career has been devoted to technical training, application development and public speaking.

She has a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and is also a certified facilitator and coach in the processes of developing leadership and management skills. Glenda is a featured speaker at Macromedia MAX Conferences, where she won the MAX 2004 speaker competition, receiving outstanding ratings from attendees of her sessions. She was also a guest speaker at CFUnited, held earlier this year in Bethesda, MD.

Glenda currently manages the training facility for roundpeg in Phoenix. roundpeg is a premier Macromedia Authorized Training partner that specializes in web development, offering Enterprise, Web, and Wireless solutions. 


Ellen Wagner, PhD

Ellen is the Senior Director of Global Education Solutions with Macromedia, Inc. where she sets the strategic direction of the company’s global postsecondary education business.

Before joining Macromedia, Wagner was Chief Learning Officer for Viviance AG new education, a Swiss elearning company with offices in 12 European and North American countries. Dr. Wagner's prior career as a tenured university professor and administrator featured positions as Associate Professor and Chair of Educational Technology, Academic Affairs Coordinator and Director of Western Institute for Distance Education at the University of Northern Colorado. She was also Visiting Scholar and Project Director at the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunication, Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education.

Her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology is from the University of Colorado, Boulder; her MS and BA degrees were earned at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Winston Wang

Winston Wang is currently a Senior Product Manager in the Mobile and Devices group at Macromedia, focusing on the user experience design and usability-assurance abilities of mobile Flash products and technology. Winston comes to Macromedia with 6 years of experience as a mobile user experience designer/architect at leading mobile technology and product companies including Symbol Technologies, Good Technologies, Nokia-backed startup Covigo, Volkswagon AG, and PalmSource where his accomplishments include designing the look-and-feel of the Palm OS 6 (Cobalt) user interface. Winston also helps teach product design at Stanford University's Joint Program in Design.

Steven Webster

Steven Webster is Technical Director at iteration::two, an industry leading consultancy delivering Enterprise Rich Internet Applications.

A graduate of Computer Science and Electronics from Edinburgh University, Steven was an ASIC Designer prior to developing desktop software applications for hardware and software co-simulation. Steven then delivered a number of online banking, insurance and commerce applications in the UK, before founding iteration::two with Alistair McLeod.

The author of Reality J2EE – Architecting for Flash MX, and co-author of Design Patterns for RIAs and Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex, Steven has rapidly gained recognition as a thought-leader in the RIA community, most notably for the application of best-practices and methodologies from enterprise software development into the emerging discipline of Rich Internet Applications, and his role as project lead in the open-source Cairngorm architecture for Rich Internet Applications.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is a software engineer at Macromedia. He is responsible for evangelizing and implementing technologies related to Macromedia Flash. Prior to Macromedia, Michael spent three years doing research and development at the Walt Disney Company. He was also a member of the Macromedia Flash Advisory Board. At Disney/, Williams developed and implemented web content and applications for various corporate sites, including,,,, and Michael helped Disney create core systems and standardize on a single platform after the acquisition of Infoseek.

James Williamson

James Williamson is the Director of Training for Lodestone Digital, headquartered in Charlotte. He is a Macromedia Master Certified Instructor with over 12 years of print, web, and digital video experience. James has been a featured speaker at FlashForward and DevCon and is speaking at his third MAX conference. In addition to his training and speaking, James is a contributing author for DevNet, co-author of Flash MX 2004 Magic from New Riders, and served as technical editor for PeachPit’s Dreamweaver MX 2004 Hands-On-Training. He is a past President of the Charlotte Society of Communicating Arts and currently sits on the curriculum advisory board for the Art Institute of Charlotte. Occasionally he plays basketball and allows his 2 year-old daughter Morgan to use him as a trampoline.


Rusell Youngblood

Russell Youngblood is the National Director of Training for Sterling Ledet and Associates. (Macromedia Authorized Training Partner) Russell discovered Dreamweaver version 1.0 in 1997 and has since been developing and training in all of the Macromedia products. Coming from a freelance background, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients using different technologies. His last position as a software engineer was with CACI on the award winning US Navy JASS system, an enterprise J2EE system utilizing Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Java for development. His interest and development in ColdFusion dates back to the Allaire days and he is now devoting his development time to ASP.NET, ColdFusion MX 7, Flash, and Dreamweaver. As Director of Training for SLA, most of his time is now spent helping other instructors train the Macromedia product line. Russell Youngblood is a Certified Macromedia "Master" Instructor, Flash MX 2004 Certified Designer, Dreamweaver MX 2004 Certified Developer, and a Certified Technical Trainer CTT+.  Contact Russell by email at:


Steve Zehngut

Steve Zehngut is the founder and President of Zeek Interactive. With a degree in cinema and a background in game programming, Steve has been a multimedia producer for more than decade. Under his direction, Zeek Interactive has grown from an apartment bedroom to one of Southern California's leading viral marketing agencies. Zeek's recent projects include Fox's and Atari's Other notable Zeek clients include HBO, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros, LEGO and the Game Show Network.

Steve has taught game development courses at UC Irvine, USC, American Film Institute, and California State University, Long Beach. He is a Macromedia Advisory Board Member and a member of the Producer's Guild New Media Council.

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