Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next earnings release date for Macromedia?
The upcoming earnings release date will be posted one week after each quarter ends.
When and at what price did Macromedia go public (IPO)? And at what price?
We went public on December 13, 1993, at a split-adjusted price of $6.00.
When and where was Macromedia incorporated?
We were incorporated on February 25, 1992, in Delaware.
When does the Macromedia’s fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year-end is March 31st.
Whom do I contact for a change of address or a lost stock certificate?
Please notify our Transfer Agent:

Mellon Investor Services
P.O. Box 3315
South Hackensack, NJ 07606
Hours: 8 am to 8 pm EST
Phone: 800-522-6645
Does Macromedia issue dividends?
We have never declared a cash dividend, and at present intend to continue this policy.
Does Macromedia offer a direct stock purchase plan?
Currently, we do not have a direct stock purchase plan.
Why does Macromedia report pro forma results?
We report pro forma results so that investors can compare our results with (and without) extraordinary charges and expenses. Our pro forma results are fully reconciled to GAAP results in our earnings press releases.
Where can I find a summary of historical financials metrics (such as sales, headcount, shares outstanding)?
Please refer to the Summary Financial Datasheet (Excel file download).
Who is on the Macromedia Board of Directors?
You can find a list of Macromedia Board members on the Board of Directors page.
Where can I find profiles of key Macromedia executives?
You can find the list of key executives on the Executive Bios page.
Who are the independent auditors for Macromedia?
Our independent auditors are KPMG, LLP.
What external information exists on Macromedia’s market, market share, and competitive information?
We are covered by a variety of independent research companies, including Forrester, Gartner, and IDC. In addition, NPD provides sales data from point-of-sales surveys in North America.