Manufacturing customer stories

View these selected customer stories to learn more about how Adobe helps manufacturers improve their business processes.

Acrobat 9 Pro Extended


Successful product design firm handles design review cycles twice as fast and improves client services using Adobe Acrobat 3D software.


Eaton Corporation

Leading electrical systems manufacturer improves information access and employee collaboration using Adobe Acrobat Professional and Adobe PDF.

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European lawnmower juggernaut Flymo uses a special Acrobat plug-in to build ordering functionality into its Adobe PDF based catalog.

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By using Adobe Acrobat and publishing Adobe PDF files on the web, Polaroid reduces call center volume and expenses by about US$4 per phone call and US$20 per manual shipped.

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Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics' Domestic Sales Division implements an innovative, integrated sales document management system using Adobe PDF.

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Dell Inc.

Dell uses Adobe software to improve the quality and accelerate the publication of millions of pages of documentation.

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Acrobat Connect helped customers succeed and gained brand loyalty using Macromedia Breeze (now Acrobat Connect) to deliver best practices presentations.

Palm Treo 700p Sales Training

This six-minute Breeze sales training presentation teaches Sprint retail employees how to identify potential customers of the Palm Treo 700p, understand their needs, and demonstrate the Treo 700p in a manner that focuses on those needs.

Adobe LiveCycle


Cement producer issues 30,000 customized invoices monthly using the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform.

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Hyundai España

Popular automotive importer and distributor uses Adobe solutions to streamline creating and delivering legally compliant electronic invoices.

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The Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP) Group of Companies

Spanish aircraft motor manufacturer automates ERP document generation and form-based processes with the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform.

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Saudi Iron and Steel Company (Hadeed)

Saudi Iron and Steel Company (Hadeed) uses the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform to improve business process efficiencies.

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YORK International

This HVAC&R manufacturer streamlines global business processes with the Adobe Intelligent Document Platform and the EMC Documentum enterprise content management platform.

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Zamil Industrial Investment Company (ZIIC)

Leading manufacturing and fabrication group ZIIC adopts Adobe solutions to streamline key business processes.

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Adobe FrameMaker

Alamo Iron Works

Learn how a leading industrial supply distributor uses FrameMaker software for fast, efficient creation and delivery of detailed product catalogs.

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Bally Gaming and Systems

Leading gaming provider increases publishing efficiency and consistency using FrameMaker software.

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Bombardier Transportation

Helping people around the world get to where they want to be, train manufacturer Bombardier increases its documentation output with FrameMaker+SGML and Acrobat.

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Dell Inc.

Dell increases quality and speeds publication of millions of pages of documentation with FrameMaker software.

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HP's Direct Marketing Organization reinvents its product documentation system by converting to an electronic version with FrameMaker and FrameViewer.

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The Personal Systems Group at IBM automated the creation of its worldwide product catalogs with FrameMaker and slashed production times from weeks to hours.

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Laitram Corporation

Holding company slashes production time for technical manuals with a solution based on FrameMaker, Acrobat, and TRADOS software.

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McDonnell Douglas

This aircraft manufacturer relies on FrameMaker+SGML for a structured yet easy-to-use authoring environment to produce its flight crew operating manuals.

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MDS Sciex

Leading manufacturer improves customer service and speeds document creation with single-source publishing system based on XML and FrameMaker software.

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SAP Labs

SAP Labs enhances services and expands revenue opportunities with books authored in FrameMaker and sold online in Adobe PDF.

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Translation specialists use FrameMaker to rapidly create localized product materials for their clients worldwide, including manufacturers such as Komori International and Grasso Products, BV.

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