External engineering change order


Automate your external engineering change order process

Many engineering changes must be communicated to a broad range of stakeholders both inside the organization and across the supply chain. When non-engineers are involved, the process is often labor intensive, paper laden, and error prone. Manufacturers need to streamline and automate the ECO/ECN review and sign-off process. They are looking for real-time visibility and increased efficiency to reduce the cost of making changes so that they can bring products to market more quickly.


  • Faster ECOs/ECNs with improved collaboration between engineering and the extended community, inside the company and across the supply chain.
  • Reduced sensitive information theft due to better security outside the firewall
  • Fewer errors with version control of the ECO/ECN packages outside the firewall
  • More integrated processes and increased efficiencies due to reduced dependency on paper
  • Better long-term archiving, compliance, and auditability by replacing paper with digital documents

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EECO solution brief (PDF, 291K)

Learn more about reducing supply chain collaboration risk with Adobe's digital rights management solutions.

Why Adobe

Adobe solutions extend manufacturers' existing PLM/PDM applications to non-engineers within the enterprise and outside the firewall, enabling companies to control and manage external ECO/ECN processes across the supply chain, improving efficiency and speed and controlling change order costs.

Solution components

Adobe LiveCycle ES

Engage beyond the enterprise with Adobe® LiveCycle® ES software.

Adobe Acrobat

Communicate and collaborate instantly with the Adobe Acrobat® family of products.

Adobe Acrobat Connect

Communicate and collaborate instantly through interactive online personal meetings with Adobe Acrobat Connect™ software.

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