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Find out how manufacturing companies are benefiting from Adobe solutions in the following customer success stories.

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2:51 min.

Alto Aviation

A leading provider of premium audio entertainment systems for corporate jets, Alto Aviation uses Adobe® Acrobat® and 3D PDF technologies to reduce development time and costs by 30% by sharing 3D models with their value chain.
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2:49 min.

Allgaier Automotive

A maker of molding tools for car manufacturers, Allgaier Automotive uses Adobe LiveCycle® ES software and 3D PDF technology to share 3D models and other engineering data and collaborate more efficiently with project teams.
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2:31 min.

Penn State and Boeing

Students and faculty at Penn State University help Boeing Rotorcraft Systems advance engineering collaboration across the supply chain with Adobe LiveCycle ES, Adobe Acrobat, and 3D PDF technology.
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Toshiba, a global provider of document solutions, streamlines operations using Adobe Connect™ technology for global collaboration.
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2:11 min.

C&D Zodiac

A leader in designing and manufacturing aircraft interiors, C&D Zodiac avoids more than US$100,000 in software costs and expands staff and partner access to engineering data by automating the creation of PDF documents with Adobe LiveCycle ES and 3D PDF technology.
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Engineering design firm speeds up review cycles, cuts assembly time, and reduces costs collaborating on 3D models in Adobe PDF.
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Leading appliance manufacturer improves collaboration between designers and suppliers with Adobe Acrobat software and Adobe PDF.
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Bradrock Industries

Manufacturer accelerates product development by as much as 20% using Adobe Acrobat software for streamlined design collaboration.
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Leading architectural firm reduces costs and speeds up design review cycles by collaborating on 2D and 3D designs in Adobe PDF.
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Successful product design firm handles design review cycles twice as fast and improves client services using Adobe Acrobat software.
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Porkka Finland

Porkka, a global manufacturer of commercial refrigeration systems, accelerates design review cycles using Adobe Acrobat for project collaboration.
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Virtual Architec

Custom home designer increases productivity and reduces costs using Adobe technology.
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Mine Safety Appliances

Manufacturer uses Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to cost-effectively reach staff, dealers, and customers worldwide with vital product safety and usage training.
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Grundfos Main

Leading manufacturer streamlines training and delivers compelling eLearning courses to customers and employees worldwide using Adobe Acrobat Connect.
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TVS Motor

Leading Indian two-wheeler manufacturer enhances employee collaboration and business productivity.
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Sony Semiconductor

Using Adobe Acrobat software, this Sony business group accelerates review and approval of engineering design changes and reduces approval time to one-seventh of the time previously required.
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CG Visions

Leading building information modeling firm delivers 3D models in Adobe PDF to improve collaboration with builders and their clients.
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Innovative engineering firm boosts staff productivity and enhances client service by accelerating design review cycles by up to 200% with Adobe Acrobat software and 3D PDF technology.
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Leading manufacturer improves collaboration and employee product knowledge by incorporating realistic, interactive 3D designs into manuals using Adobe Acrobat, 3D PDF technology, and Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended software.
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Sunbeam Corporation, a global manufacturer of small appliances, accelerates product design approval processes with Adobe Acrobat.
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Leading consumer goods manufacturer streamlines and enhances security of research and development processes with Adobe LiveCycle solutions.
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