2008 Adobe Dynamic Media Customer Reels

You're invited: Submit your work to Adobe
by March 7, 2008

Adobe invites you to submit your work for possible inclusion in the 2008 Adobe Dynamic Media Customer Reels.

This is a chance to showcase the work you produce using Adobe® After Effects®, Adobe Flash®, Adobe Premiere® Pro, Adobe Photoshop® Extended, and other Adobe products. We want to see your work and show it to others in the industry so they can see how creative our users are — and discover the possibilities of Adobe's dynamic media products.

Get great exposure

Adobe plans to showcase the reels at NAB this April in Las Vegas, and they also will proudly play in the lobby of Adobe's headquarters — reminding all that some of the coolest products at Adobe are the ones that make images move.

Portions of the reels may also be used in other Adobe marketing videos, as well as on If you are able to grant us the additional right to distribute your materials in these contexts, your work may reach an even wider audience. (Be sure to check the option that gives Adobe the right to distribute your materials on the Exhibit A of the license agreement if you want to be included in these versions of the reels.)

Formats we can accept

We would prefer to receive high-resolution H.264 or QuickTime movies created using standard codecs such as Animation and DV; we can also accept uncompressed AVI or FLV files as well as Digital Betacam, DVCPRO, Beta SP, DVCAM, or MiniDV tapes. We would prefer 16:9 footage but 4:3 is also acceptable. All work should be 29.97fps; we cannot accept PAL. Wondering whether a format you're considering will work? If After Effects CS3 Professional or Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 can import it without any extra hardware, we should be able to work with it.

Please tell us which Adobe products you used and a little about the project(s) you're submitting by filling out the contact info sheet. If your work has audio, make sure you have the rights to allow Adobe to use the audio or indicate that we need to use copyright-free music.

How to submit your work

  1. Print and complete two copies of the Nonexclusive License Agreement and one copy of the contact info sheet (same PDF file).
  2. Send your reel, both copies of the Nonexclusive License Agreement (one copy will be sent back to you), and the contact info sheet to:

    Attn: Adobe Customer Reels
    Ellen Wixted
    Adobe Systems Incorporated
    801 North 34th St.
    Seattle, WA 98103

We'll do our best to include a broad range of work, but we can't promise yours will be included. Unless you provide return packaging and postage and clearly indicate you want your materials back, we'll keep what you send in our archives. E-mail me at if you have any questions.

Remember, the submission deadline is March 7, 2008.

Thanks again for your support.


Ellen Wixted
Product Marketing, Adobe Dynamic Media Products