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Adobe desktop HD

Providing the platform for the future of HD post-production

Adobe, the company that brings you Photoshop® and After Effects®, two of the top-selling products for post-production today, is your best source for a comprehensive HD solution. From uncompressed HD video on the high end to the increasingly popular and economical HDV format, Adobe provides a tightly integrated, comprehensive workflow solution with virtually everything you need to excel in HD video production.

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HD Filmmaking on the Desktop

Customer benefits

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Uncompromised quality

Adobe video and audio products provide real-time desktop HD post-production, giving you uncompromised and consistent quality in HD video without daunting setup and retooling costs or burdensome increases in post-production time and expense.

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Scalable solutions

Whether you are working with uncompressed HD on the highest end workstation or a more cost-effective HDV format on a typical desktop computer, broad industry support for Adobe video software provides the flexibility to meet your specific configurations requirements.

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Efficient workflow

Adobe software supports the entire HD process, from raw video to finished output. Tight integration between Adobe® Premiere® Pro and other Adobe software such as Photoshop and After Effects reduces technical roadblocks and provides smooth, efficient productivity.

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HD solutions

Adobe video software works with a wide range of HD hardware and third-party software, so that you can take advantage of a comprehensive Adobe HD workflow solution, regardless of budget restrictions or processing needs.

Adobe Video Collection boxes

Adobe Video Collection

Combining Adobe's video and audio products, Adobe Video Collection gives you everything you need to deliver professional-quality HD results. Transform video into award-winning productions with Adobe Premiere Pro, create stunning motion graphics and visual effects with After Effects, produce professional-quality audio with Adobe Audition, and author interactive, multi-language DVDs with Adobe Encore DVD. An exceptional value, the Adobe Video Collection 2.5 is available in two editions, Standard and Professional.


With the new Adobe HD plug-in, Adobe Premiere Pro provides real-time support for HDV 720 and 1080 formats from both Sony and JVC HDV cameras. The plug-in will be available in early 2005.

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Adobe Premiere Pro box

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 software brings HD editing to the desktop, with the same familiar interface and toolset in everything from HDV to uncompressed 1080i.

Adobe Audition box

Adobe Audition

With superior surround sound support, Adobe Audition® software offers advanced audio mixing, editing, and effects processing capabilities to make your HD productions come alive.

Compressed HD

Adobe Premiere Pro delivers real-time HD editing on the BOXX HD [pro] RT system, providing real-time effects, titles, and transitions for your post-production needs.

Adobe After Effects box

Adobe After Effects

As an industry-leading application, Adobe After Effects rises to the HD challenge by providing tools for broadcast-quality motion graphics and visual effects for your HD productions.

Adobe Encore DVD box

Adobe Encore DVD

Create the highest quality standard-definition DVDs, using Adobe Premiere Pro to encode HD content into MPEG-2 and Adobe Encore® DVD software to author professional DVDs.

Uncompressed HD

Adobe Premiere Pro supports dedicated high-end post-production of uncompressed HD content with solutions from Blackmagic Design and Bluefish444. Add real-time performance with the Matrox Axio.


Papers and primers

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