Project Felix v. 0.3.0

Expanded sunlight and light colorization features

Add sunlight to any scene and gain greater control over lighting and shadows. Felix can automatically detect the direction and strength of the sun. Change the hue of your light, position, and intensity for the exact look you want.

Camera view bookmarks

Now you can save specific camera positions and perspectives. Save time by setting a default view as you design your scene.

Better file management

Similar to other Adobe desktop apps, Felix now let’s you group files together, move and hide them as a group, and create file hierarchies.

And so much more

Also includes: General performance improvements, better object visibility controls, and UI updates for a faster, smoother workflow.
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Project Felix v. 0.2.0

Render progress bar

We've added one of the most requested features: a progress bar that shows how close your render is to completion.

Drag and drop support

Drag and drop assets from your desktop onto your viewport and watch them load.

File organization

Group the files in a scene directly from the scene panel.

Centralized tools

Camera controls are now located along the toolbar with the transform, scale, and move tools, so everything is easy to find.

Familiar icons and shortcuts

We've added more shortcuts and updated icon names to match what you're used to in Photoshop.

And so much more

Also includes: Reference point options, updates to toggle states and icons, many bug fixes, and more. Project Felix is continually improving with your feedback and ideas.
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