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  1. Illustrator CC (2014)

    Live Shapes: Rectangles and Rounded Rectangles

    Rectangles now have quickly modifiable corners, including independent radius control. Corner attributes are retained if you scale and rotate your rectangle. Now Illustrator remembers your work — width, height, rotation, corner treatment — so you can return to your original shape. See how it works

    Pen tool preview

    See the path you’re drawing before you drop your next point. A rubberband-like line from your last anchor point to the tip of the pen appears as you draw. Visualize where the next curve will go as you plot your next point — and spend less time cleaning up paths. See how it works

    Anchor point enhancements

    Fine adjustment of curves is now easier. New anchor point controls allow unequal or different-direction handles to be dragged as you draw to control the smoothness of each segment. You can even change a corner point to smooth without ruining your shape. See how it works

    Snap to pixel, point, and grid updates

    When snapping is turned on, your anchor points align perfectly to your choice of pixel, grid, or point. But your anchor handles should not. They’re now disengaged from snapping so you can preserve the precision of your curves and achieve fine control while editing. See how it works

    Close paths with better control

    Close your paths with precision and predictability. As you complete a drawing, you now have more control connecting the end and start points. Reposition your closing point or choose to break the direction lines to adjust the closing curve exactly as you wish. See how it works

    Windows GPU acceleration

    New GPU acceleration for Windows lets you work faster on Windows 7 or 8 computers. This feature requires an Adobe-certified NVIDIA graphics card with at least 1GB of VRAM. See GPU release notes

    Typekit missing fonts workflow

    When you open a document, missing fonts are now automatically replaced. Illustrator CC searches the Typekit desktop font library and if the missing font is available it will sync through Creative Cloud with just a click. See how it works

  2. Illustrator CC (17.1)

    Live Corners

    Edit and re-edit the corners of shapes and paths with on-art controls or by entering values in the Control panel or new Corners dialog box. You can round, invert, or chamfer one or multiple corners at the same time. See how it works

    Rebuilt Pencil tool

    Draw curves more accurately with options to extend and close paths and draw straight lines. Use presets to create smooth paths with fewer points or more precise renditions of actual strokes. This new technology extends to the Brush, Blob Brush, and Smooth tools. See how it works

    Path segment reshaping

    Drag path segments into the shape you desire. New path reshaping technology, available in the Anchor Point and Direct Selection tools and accessible from the Pen tool, provides a more direct and intuitive way to edit path segments. See how it works

    Typekit integration

    Browse fonts from Typekit in the Type or Font Family menus, whether filtering directly in-menu or launching the Typekit website. Select from a growing library of desktop fonts from Typekit, sync them to your computer, and use them right away in your projects. See how it works

    Windows 8 support for touch and pen pressure

    Work with a pressure-sensitive pen on the latest Windows 8 tablet computers, along with enhanced direct touch support. Enjoy HiDPI display support for computers running Windows 7 and 8.

    Custom Tools panels

    Create specialized toolsets by dragging and dropping just the tools you need — like drawing, editing, or selection tools — into a custom panel. The full Tools panel can then be hidden, allowing for a clean, efficient workspace. See how it works

    Settings import and export

    Share your Illustrator settings across multiple computers. Simply export them to a folder where they can then be imported by other users. While Sync Settings lets you standardize settings on your own computers, now you can also share them across your organization. See how it works

    Perspective drawing enhancements

    Modify perspective grid attributes, such as vanishing points and the horizon line, and your artwork dynamically updates to match the new perspective.

    Responsive SVG export

    Export scalable, responsive SVG files that can adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions, and roundtrip-edit SVG files that maintain precise pixel alignment. See how it works

  3. Illustrator CC (17)

    Touch Type tool

    Design with type by manipulating characters like individual objects. Move, scale and rotate text, and still change the font or edit at any time. You can use multitouch devices as well as a mouse or stylus. See how it works

    Images in brushes

    Paint with a brush made from a photo. Art, Pattern, and Scatter brushes can contain raster images, so you can create complex organic designs quickly — with simple brush strokes. As with all Illustrator brushes, your strokes can be reshaped and modified at will. See how it works

    Font search

    Quickly find the perfect font, fast. In the Character panel, type a style such as “bold” or “italic,” a font family, or any other part of a font name. You’ll get a filtered view that lets you see just the fonts that match your criteria. See how it works

    Multiple file place

    Import multiple files into your Illustrator layout at the same time and with control. Use thumbnail views to define the location and size of your files, which can be images, graphics, or text.

    CSS extraction

    Take visual designs to the web faster by letting Illustrator generate CSS code for you. Copy/paste or export code for text, objects, even entire layouts with images, directly into your HTML editor or for hand off to a web developer. See how it works

    Sync colors

    Capture color themes out in the world with the Adobe Kuler iPhone app. Share your themes and explore thousands of others available on the Kuler website. Sync your favorite themes, and they'll be accessible immediately in Illustrator.

    Sync settings

    Synchronize settings, including preferences, presets, libraries, and workspaces, to Creative Cloud and have the same working settings and environment on multiple computers, Mac or PC. See how it works

    Auto corners for pattern brushes

    Create pattern brushes quickly with a choice of auto-generated corners that perfectly match the rest of the pattern. See how it works

    On-art Free Transform tool

    Move, scale, and rotate objects directly using a touchscreen device. Or use a mouse or other pointer right on the artboard to transform objects in a more immediate and intuitive way. See how it works

    Exchange panel

    Discover plug-ins, extensions, templates, and other content that you can purchase or download for free from the new Adobe Exchange panel in Illustrator.

    File packaging

    With a single command, you can gather all your files, including linked graphics and fonts, into a single folder for organization or to hand off.

    Unembedded images

    Replace embedded images with links to their extracted PSD or TIFF files by selecting the image and choosing ‘Unembed’ from the Links panel menu or clicking ‘Unembed’ in the Control panel.

    Expanded Links panel option

    View and track additional information about placed artwork directly in the Links panel.

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