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The digital explosion across multiple screens is raising consumers’ expectations for engaging experiences wherever and however they connect with content. Additionally, web browsing on mobile devices is becoming commonplace, but delivering a complete rich Internet experience remains a challenge. Adobe and the companies working on the Open Screen Project believe in a world where consumers can engage with great content and applications from any device. For this vision to become a reality, a consistent application runtime should be available across desktops and devices, and we have spearheaded a project with the support of industry leaders to work together to deliver this vision.

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Companies contributing to the Open Screen Project share Adobe’s vision that a consistent runtime environment will remove barriers for delivering content and applications across screens. A more open universal runtime across devices will drive rapid innovation that will ultimately be good for consumers. The participants in the Open Screen Project are leading companies in the mobile, desktop, and device ecosystems that will contribute in unique ways to this project.

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If you’re interested in participating in the Open Screen Project, please contact us and provide your name, contact information, and location.

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“Adobe is spearheading the Open Screen Project with support from industry leaders who share a common vision to provide rich, interactive experiences across computers, devices and consumer electronics,” said Shantanu Narayen, chief executive officer at Adobe. “A consistent, more open platform for developers will drive rapid innovation, vastly improving the user experience.”
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