Electronic data interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Adobe's commitment to EDI

Adobe is committed to using electronic data interchange (EDI) in its daily transactions. Use of EDI, which is the computer-to-computer exchange of data using a standard format, gives us a competitive advantage. It helps streamline and simplify our business communication, as well as reduce the time and cost associated with exchanging information. Adobe believes EDI is a strategic technology that supports our business needs as well as the needs of our trading partners.

Web-based alternative to EDI

Adobe has provided a web alternative to EDI reporting for the benefit of those trading partners unable to implement EDI, as well as those in the process of EDI development and in need of an acceptable means to meet their reporting and ordering needs in the interim. Inclusion of online order status and shipment reporting makes the reporting and ordering site a resource for all trading partners. Visit the "Web alternative" page for details.

All EDI transmissions, including web-based alternatives, are subject to the terms of a written distribution agreement with Adobe together with the policy terms and conditions contained on this website. No information contained on this site is intended to supersede the terms contained in the distribution agreement. "Trading Partner," "Partner," and "Partnering" are industry terms used to refer to companies actively exchanging data via EDI or alternative means. Use of these terms on this website does not imply any legal partnership between Adobe and the companies with which it is exchanging data outside of any existing written agreement.