Partner information

Benefits of EDI

Implementing EDI benefits a distributor/reseller by establishing a standard, less manually intensive method of reporting sale and inventory data while eliminating processing delays, reducing the possibility of data errors, and eliminating the need for data reentry. EDI creates a streamlined process for ordering: one step, no faxing or mailing involved. Order processing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with the elimination of keying errors, helps ensure a faster order turnaround time.

Selecting translator and service providers

Adobe will not recommend any individual service provider over another. It is necessary for each trading partner to proactively research, for themselves, those companies that may meet their reporting needs and/or be able to provide the required level of service and support.

Profile forms

Profile forms are provided for the mutual benefit of Adobe and its trading partners. Adobe's EDI Profile form contains the information necessary for setting up trading relationships. The Trading Partner Profile form is for use by our partners in providing Adobe with their EDI profile information.