PageMaker Goes Down Under and Comes Out on Top
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PageMaker is a powerful, flexible publishing program that helps us better market our clients' products, brands, and entire corporations.

- Mike McHugh,
Cozzolino Ellett Design

Next, McHugh turned to Photoshop. He quickly fine-tuned photos of the airport terminal building by adjusting brightness and contrast and applying the Dust & Scratches noise filter. Both Photoshop and Illustrator graphics were then converted to TIFF or EPS format and placed onto the PageMaker pages.

The object-handling capabilities within PageMaker were flawless, McHugh says. "PageMaker lets you position, resize, and align elements on a page quickly and precisely. And what you see on-screen is what you get on paper."

To better handle the brochure's dozens of complex design elements, McHugh took advantage of PageMaker's layers, locking graphics on one layer and text on another. "Layers eliminate the frustration of working with heaps of text and graphics on a page. I could experiment with endless combinations without worrying about accidentally moving the wrong element," he says.

Throughout the project, McHugh worked closely with the FAC on design reviews. He exported the PageMaker files as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files, then sent them via e-mail to the FAC for review. "Using PDF, we cut the time it typically takes for design reviews by one-third," he notes.

Fewer problems, faster work
Today, with numerous PageMaker projects under his belt, McHugh has seen problems disappear and productivity increase. Design files can be printed in 10 to 15 percent less time, and designers work faster because of a common set of keyboard commands across programs.

"Using PageMaker saves us an average of two hours on every project," he says. "Spread over weeks or months, that's a huge savings."

Cozzolino Ellett believes in the power of good design, something it achieves daily using Adobe PageMaker. "PageMaker is a powerful, flexible publishing program that helps us better market our clients' products, brands, and entire corporations," McHugh concludes.
Placing a Graphic
PageMaker's superior object-handling capabilities made it easy to precisely place Photoshop and Illustrator graphics in the brochure.
Layers Feature On
PageMaker's layers let the designers work with text and graphics separately, simplifying the creative process. Here, they turned off the text layer (below) to make it easier to work with the graphics and experiment with different layouts.
Layers Feature Off

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