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Create custom grids
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Suppose you have a publication with set column widths. You may not want to reset your columns or drag out multiple guides just to create tables or gridded content. The guides and Step and Repeat features in Adobe® InDesign® 1.5 make it easy to quickly create a custom grid to structure your content. This tip tells you how.
Graphic example
Set a zero point.
Set a zero point in your InDesign document at the spot where you want the grid to begin. Do this so that you can easily see what the distance between successive guides will be.
You can reset the zero point, if necessary, by double-clicking the zero point marker. The zero point marker then returns to its default position according to your preference settings.
Graphic - step 1
Set the first pair of guides.
Set the pair of guides that will consitute the initial intersection of your grid. In InDesign, it's easy to set both horizontal and vertical guides simultaneously. Just hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) as you drag from the zero point marker. Set the guides at the zero point you created in the first step.
Graphic - step 2
Create the grid.
Select the two guides you've set. Choose Edit > Step and Repeat. In the Step and Repeat dialog box, type the number of times you want the guides to repeat and the distance you want both the horizontal and vertical guides to be from each other. Click OK.
Graphic - step 3
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