True small caps
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Small cap fundamentals
Adobe® InDesign® has built-in tools to provide the best possible appearance of type on a page. In this clip from "Total InDesign," instructor Deke McClelland showcases InDesign software’s ability to create perfect small caps. While most page layout and word processing programs can create small caps, what they actually give you is a scaled-down version of the font's large capital letters. This is undesirable, as the weight of the font is also scaled down, giving the small caps a much thinner appearance. Only InDesign is able to take advantage of the true small caps built into expert font collections, such as Adobe Caslon™. These true small caps are much more attractive and blend in perfectly with the rest of the font.

Total Training
Total Training creates comprehensive and entertaining training for graphics software on VHS and DVD. Each Total Training series is cross-platform and comes with the same computer files used by the instructor, allowing you to learn interactively. Instructors include noted graphics gurus Deke McClelland and Brian Maffitt. Want to know more? Please stop by Total Training.
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