Windows XP Install Notes
      If you are upgrading from Microsoft® Windows® 98 or Windows Millennium and have never worked on either Windows NT® or Windows 2000, you will find one of the major differences between the two versions of Windows is the concept of "Administrators" (who have access to do anything and everything on a system) and "Limited" or "Restricted" users (who are restricted in what they can and cannot do on a system).

In general, Adobe applications that haven't yet received the Designed for Windows XP Logo need to be installed and used by Administrators.

This requirement and other differences between the installation and configuration of our applications on Windows 98 and Me vs. Windows NT and 2000 means that you need to take some additional steps prior to upgrading to Windows XP.

If you are upgrading from Windows 98 or Me to Windows XP, Adobe advises that you perform a clean install of the new operating system, rather than an upgrade install. By performing a clean install, instead of an upgrade install, you will insure that various Windows version-specific printer drivers, browser plug-ins, COM modules, configuration files, and registry entries - of which the Windows XP upgrade installer has no knowledge - are appropriately modified.

To correctly perform a clean install, we advise the following steps:

  1. Back up all data prior to migrating to Windows XP (assuming your data is stored on the same disk partition as the operating system).
  2. Perform a clean install of Windows XP.
  3. Perform a complete reinstallation of all Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications.
  4. Restore data as necessary.

Note that installation of applications on a partition other than the one used by Windows 98 or Me does not remove the need to reinstall such software after installing Windows XP.

It should also be noted that Adobe applications do not support the sharing of a single application installation between multiple versions of the Windows operating system on a multi-boot system.

While it is not recommended by Adobe, if you wish to perform an upgrade install from Windows 98 or Me to Windows XP, you should first uninstall any Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications prior to performing the upgrade. Once your system has been successfully upgraded to Windows XP, you can reinstall your Adobe drivers, fonts, and applications.