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Research Report: Webinars - They're Not Just for Leads Anymore

Content Marketing Institute research shows that marketers are finding new ways to use webinars to drive customer engagement at numerous phases of the buyer’s journey.



eBook: A Content Marketer's Guide to Webinars

A comprehensive guide for all experience levels on how to get started from a technical perspective, best practices and tips for engaging your audience, how to strategically structure your program to generate leads, the best way to squeeze the most leads out of webinars and more.

Got effective webinars at the top of your marketing funnel?

A recent report by the Content Marketing Institute and Adobe found that successful...

Four Interactive Agenda Ideas for New Webinar Presenters

Learning something new, whether it’s a new skill or new software, can be overwhelming...

6 Habits of Successful Webinar Program Managers

While a webinar program manager is often head down working hard in the nitty gritty...


10 Ways to Improve Your Webinars
Published on May 27, 2014 by Business News Daily
Tips include using a lobby enviroment to welcome guests, speaking to individuals, ask questions, use visuals, and more.

2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmark Report
Published October 1, 2013 by The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs

Webinar use as a content marketing tactic rose to 62% in 2013 from 59% in 2012 according to the latest B2B content marketing report put out by CMI and MarketingProfs.  Webinars remain the 3rd most effective tactic but are now tied for 3rd with videos. A good review of the state of the union in content marketing.

Eight Ways to Qualify Leads via Webinar Content and Registrant Behavior
Published April 29, 2014 by MarketingProfs
and written by Shelby Britton
When qualifying marketing leads via a webinar, you need to take into account both the content of the webinar and the behavior of the registrants; both are as important as the demographic information of those registrants.

Case Studies to Steal Ideas From

American Marketing Association
AMA upgrades their members-only webinar program with more customization and campaign tracking.

GreenBiz Group
GeenBiz takes their conference online with webinar technology to create a hybrid event.

NetSpeed Learning Solutions
Virtual training consulting company delivers innovative content and thought leadership through highly participatory, engaging webinar workshops.

IDEXX Laboratories
Animal health solution provider improves customer satisfaction and increases repeat business with informative, high-impact webinars for education, support and best practices.

BMO Financial Group
Financial services group delivers weekly hot-topic webinars to train and educate customers on products best practices as well as provides a high-touch, personalized experience online to strengthen relationships.

Adobe Systems by MarketingSherpa
'Webinar Marketing: Adobe revamps strategy and achieves a 500% lift in conversion to sale.' Read MarketingSherpa's write up on this case study.

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Best Practices for Content Marketing Webinars

Tuesday, Sept 9, 2014 10-11am PT

Do you have a content marketing strategy for your business? Are public webinars a part of that strategy? Join this online session to learn best practices for promoting and delivering webinars in a content marketing framework.  Register Now.

Best Practices for Incorporating Multimedia in Webinars

Wednesday, Sept 24, 2014 10-11am PT


Multimedia content can improve attention and engagement from your attendees, but only if you use it carefully and correctly. Learn more and register now.


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6 Weeks to a Great Webinar

Learn more and watch now...

Learn how to plan and produce a great webinar in 6 weeks. A helpful check list is available for download from the recording. Presented by Wayne Turmel, author of '6 Weeks to a Great Webinar'. Watch Now.

Making Your Webinars More Engaging and Interactive

Learn more and watch now...

Once people have joined your webinar, how do you keep their attention? Web conferencing software offers features that enable you to move beyond simple narration over PowerPoint slides to make your webinars more compelling, interesting, and fun to attend. Watch now.

The Webinar Manifesto: Never Design, Deliver, or Sell Crappy Webinars Again

Learn more and watch now...

Declare war on bad Webinars. Learn from Matt Murdoch and Treion Muller, how to captivate audiences through eloquent delivery and beautiful design while pushing the limits of your technology. Based on their book ‘The Webinar Manifest’. Watch Now.

A Guide To Building Effective Marketing Presentations

Learn more and watch now...

Join Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, as he presents practical guidelines for creating webinar presentations that engage your audience and create sales interest. Watch Now.

Secrets of B2B Lead Generation Webinars

Learn more and watch now...

Marketing webinars can build sales leads and generate enthusiasm for your products and services.  Learn the tricks of effective marketing presentations in this session. Watch Now.

How to Be a Great Webinar Moderator

Learn more and watch now.

Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, offers best practices and recommendations gleaned from his many years of webinar support experience. Watch Now.

How to Generate Leads With Webinars the Sales Team Will Love

Learn more and watch now...

Learn about why webinars are also a powerful platform for a trust-based marketing approach to improve lead quality and nurture the pipeline. Review the handout . Watch Now.

Driving Demand with Digital Events

Learn more and watch now...

Driving demand is top of mind for marketing and sales but getting the attention and engaging audiences has never been more competitive in the digital landscape. Watch Now.

Improving Your Online Presentation Skills

Learn more and watch now...

You can become a more engaging and persuasive spokesperson for your organization while feeling comfortable and in control during your online seminars.  Watch Now.

What Makes a Good Webinar?

Learn more and watch now...

You are a savvy B2B marketer who creates great marketing campaigns for Lead Generation. Let's look at the power of effective webinars. Watch Now.

How and why to include webinars in the content marketing mix

Learn more and watch now...

Learn how and why to include webinars in your content marketing plan. Watch Now.

A Better Way To Score Webinar Leads

Learn more and watch now...

Lead scoring is an important way to identify which contacts deserve sales attention. Learn how to analyze the behavior of your webinar attendees and the ways that they interact with your content as clues to their interest level. Watch Now.

How to deliver immersive content experience using webinars

Learn more and watch now...

Content Marketing is a hot technique to attract and retain customers by creating and curating valuable content. Watch Now.

Create a Winning Content Marketing Webinar Series Strategy

Learn more and watch now...

Don't Just Do One Webinar - Create a Winning Content Strategy with a Thought Leadership Series.  Watch Now. 

Webinars: More Than Just Lead Generation

Learn more and watch now...

How webinars fit on the "lead ladder" and what innovative companies are doing at each rung. Watch Now.

How Webinars Move Customers Through the Sales Cycle

Learn more and watch now...

Learn how webinars help move prospects through the next series of toll gates in their decision process and how the content in a webinar should be aligned to match the buyers journey. Watch Now.


Adobe Connect Webinars for content marketing helps marketers deliver compelling, immersive events; maximize attendance; and measure results to identify the most relevant leads and optimize campaign investments.  Adobe Connect is the ideal solution for any organization committed to delivering engaging content at any stage in the customer engagement cycle.


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