With the Advanced Healing Brush in Lightroom 5, you can quickly fix image flaws and seamlessly remove just about any object with a single stroke. See how it works

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UPDATE: The 2014 release of Creative Cloud is here. See what's new

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When you get Lightroom as part of a Creative Cloud membership, you can edit and organize images anywhere, anytime on your iPad and iPhone. Enhance everything from smartphone photos to raw images from DSLRs. Lightroom mobile automatically syncs all your edits with Lightroom 5 on your desktop and lets you easily share all your photos to social media sites. See how it works

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Lightroom 5 makes digital photography easier, faster, and more amazing. Experiment without limits in a nondestructive editing environment. Perfect your shots with advanced controls for tone, contrast, color, and more. Efficiently organize all your photos and share them almost anywhere. See how it works

Straighten tilted images with a single click.

Upright analyzes images and detects skewed horizontal and vertical lines, even straightening shots where the horizon is hidden. See how it works

Work on any image anywhere.

You can't always take your raw files with you. But with new Smart Previews, you can generate smaller stand-ins of your full-size images. Any edits you make to these files will automatically be applied to your original images. See how it works

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