Adobe PostScript 3

Upgrade program

Commercial print environments everywhere are built on the foundation of Adobe® PostScript®. Now you can upgrade your PostScript Level 2 and clone PostScript RIP solutions to enjoy the advanced performance and productivity features of PostScript 3™.

With the power of PostScript 3, your system will deliver increased RIP and output speeds, enhanced Portable Document Format (PDF) and Job Definition Format (JDF) workflow support, flexible compatibility, and more predictable, high-quality output.

Ask the manufacturer of your Adobe PostScript based system for details about the PostScript 3 upgrade and cross-grade programs — and raise your print output to a new level.

Ten great reasons to upgrade to Adobe PostScript 3:

  • Advanced multi-threaded rendering techniques deliver up to 30% increases in system performance.
  • PostScript 3 RIPs are JDF-enabled, connecting you to the future of print workflow automation.
  • Best-in-class in-RIP Trapping and PDF Trapper features interpret and execute trapping commands automatically, speeding throughput.
  • Device-independent color ensures that output will appear exactly as intended.
  • Enhanced PostScript 3 RIPs output Adobe applications with higher print quality and greater predictability.
  • PostScript 3 systems accept input directly from a wide range of file formats, including Adobe PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, PDF/X, and JPEG 2000, offering maximum workflow flexibility.
  • Intelligent image-handling features make it easier than ever to support transparent artwork.
  • PostScript 3 print drivers are backward compatible with PostScript Level 2 devices, facilitating system integration.
  • Twenty years of Adobe PostScript knowledge and expertise are built into every PostScript 3 system, ensuring unmatched performance and productivity.
  • A network of Adobe partners provides a choice of PostScript 3 solutions — and an upgrade program that will perfectly meet your requirements.

How to upgrade your system

Adobe partners with industry leaders around the world to bring you the latest innovations in digital document production systems.

For upgrade program information, please contact the manufacturer of your PostScript based system.