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Output Options in Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5 – Part 3: SCORM Tracking

Andrew Chemey

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9 November 2005
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This article is part of a larger series that reviews the new tracking options available in Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5. The tracking options aren’t exactly new, but the architecture is, and Macromedia has improved the functionality. This article focuses on the SCORM tracking mechanism—what’s new and what you need to know to successfully deploy Breeze Presenter 5 content in a SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS).

This article does not discuss the specific benefits of using a SCORM-compliant LMS, or integration with any SCORM-compliant LMS. You can explore the Breeze Presenter 5 Resource Center for more information about these topics as well as general information on the tracking options and mechanisms available in Breeze Presenter 5.

This article is written for all types of users. It provides an overview for new users as well as an entry point for any developer looking for specific SCORM information and integration issues with Breeze Presenter 5. This article does not describe the SCORM standard or its benefits. Refer to the article, Macromedia Breeze Presenter 5—LMS Overview, for more information.


To complete this tutorial you will need to install the following software and files:

Breeze Presenter 5 (or Breeze Presenter 5 published files)

Flash Player (version 6 or later).

Tutorials and sample files:

Sample files are available for each tracking mechanism in Breeze Presenter 5. The sample files provide you with source and packaged files for each option. You can view the source code to see how I created the project and what is published and distributed for each tracking mechanism. Because Macromedia has already tested the sample content in respective LMS environments, you can test the sample content in your environments so that you can compare the results of something that we’ve validated as working with creating and publishing your own Breeze Presenter 5 content. The sample content available with this article is specific to the SCORM tracking mechanism (see the other articles published at the Developer Center to understand and download other tracking mechanism sample files). To use the content, you must download the sample content from the following links. The files are all available in ZIP format and may require you to install an extraction program such as WinZip. You can then extract the contents into a working directory. You can find additional information in the ReadMe.txt file, which you will find in the root of the extracted files:

Sample Files

This section briefly discusses the sample files that you can download and review.


This folder contains the packaged files (from the source folder) for both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. The Non-PIF folder contains all the files that you use to import or play the Breeze Presenter 5 file in a SCORM-compliant environment. These files are uncompressed according to the SCORM standard. The PIF folder or file is a compressed version of the Non-PIF folder, where IMSManifest.xml has to reside in the root of the ZIP file. Some LMSs allow you to reference just the HTML file of the content. Others allow you to import or reference the IMSManifest.xml file, and some LMSs allow you to import the PIF file. Contact your LMS administrator for more information.


This folder contains the Breeze Presenter 5 content source files that are created for SCORM tracking. It gives you an idea of what the source files look like. Please review the packaged folder so that you’ll know which packaged files you need to deploy for successful integration with your SCORM-compliant LMS.

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