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Getting Started with Breeze Live

Getting Started with Breeze Live

Experience, first-hand, online meetings that just plain work.  Learn how to use Breeze Live to meet instantly with colleagues—anywhere, anytime—all within your favorite browser.

Tutorials & Best Practices

Launch Breeze presentationCreate a Breeze Live Meeting (6:37 min)

Find out what it takes to create a Breeze Live meeting with this interactive tutorial.

Launch Breeze presentationAttend a Breeze Live Meeting (9:08 min)

Learn how to enter a meeting room, collaborate with other meeting attendees, and more.

Launch Breeze presentationGet Started with Breeze Live (4:50 min)

Take a few minutes to learn about the basic features of Breeze Live

Managing Audio for Breeze Live Events with Local and Remote Presenters

Learn how to set up the equipment and environment to host Breeze live meetings with large local and remote audiences.

Lessons Learned from a Former Breeze Newbie

Use these presentation tips to create a seamless experience for your users.


Reference Documentation

Meeting Setup and Management

Create Meetings
Create a meeting and invite participants using the Breeze Manager

Macromedia Breeze Add-in for Microsoft Outlook (New)
You can now create Breeze Live Meetings in Microsoft Outlook.
Download it now ›

Manage Meetings
Edit meeting information, send meeting invitations, and more.

Control Meeting Room Access
Find out how to restrict meeting room access for secure, yet flexible online meetings.

View Meeting Reports

View a Report of All Meetings
Measure the effectiveness of your meetings by viewing a report of all meetings.

View a Specific Meeting Report
Find out who attended meetings, when they entered and exited the meeting, and poll results using Breeze Live reports.

Meeting Room Features

Introduction to the Meeting Room
Take a quick look at meeting room components including the various tools available to meeting presenters.

Change Meeting Room Layout
Change the layout of a meeting room to share slides, sceenshare, collboarate, and more.

Create a Custom Meeting Room Layout
Edit existing meeting room layouts or creat your own from scratch to provide users with the ideal experience

Having Problems? Read some articles on Breeze Live.

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