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Getting Started with Breeze Presentation

Getting Started with Breeze Presentation

Courses, meetings, and general online experiences are only as good as the content that powers them.  Learn how to use Breeze Presentation to create production-ready content all within Microsoft PowerPoint.

Launch Breeze presentationCreate a Breeze Presentation (9:43 min)

Tutorials & Best Practices

Launch Breeze presentationCreate a Breeze Presentation (9:43 min)

Find out how Breeze enables non-technical users to author and share rich media presentations.

Reference Documentation

Create a Breeze Presentation

Breeze Plug-In for PowerPoint Features
Get acquainted with the Breeze Plug-In for PowerPoint by learning about its key capabilities.

Recording Audio with Presentations
Learn how to keep viewers engaged by quickly and easily adding audio to Breeze Presentations

Recording Animations with Presentations
Learn how to quickly and easily add mouse click animations for dynamic on-demand presentations

Adding Interactivity to Presentations
Make dynamic, interactive contet by adding quizzes and surveys to your presentations.

Previewing Presentations
Ensure high-quality presentations by seeing how they will look before you publish them.

Publish and Share a Breeze Presentation

Publish a New Breeze Presentation
Find out the steps necessary to turn PowerPoint presentations into a multimedia web presentations.

Publish an Existing Breeze Presentation
Learn how to re-publish existing Breeze Presentations.

View Content Reports

View a Content Report
Measure the effectiveness of presentations at the slide level with Breeze content reports.

Troubleshooting Issues

Solutions to Common Problems
Having problems? Find out techniques and suggestions to get up and running.


Having problems? Read some articles on Breeze Presentation.


Additional Resources


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