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Getting Started with Breeze Training

Getting Started with Breeze Training

Rapidly deliver engaging online training. Learn how to use Breeze as a complete online training system that includes surveys, tracking, analysis, course administration, and content management.

Launch Breeze presentationCreate and Publish Content (9:43 min)

Tutorials & Best Practices

Launch Breeze presentationCreate and Publish Content (9:43 min)

Find out how to create compelling rich-media courses in minutes using Breeze Presentation.

Launch Breeze presentationCreating a Course with Breeze Training (16:29 min)

Create courses and distribute them to users in minutes using the Breeze manager.

Reference Documentation

Create a New Course

Create a Course
Learn how to create new courses in six easy steps via the New Course wizard.

Manage an Existing Course

Edit Course Information
Find out how to change basic course properties such as name, close date, and more.

Change Course Content
Learn how to change the content used in your course and the ramifications of doing this.

Manage Enrollees
See how to add or remove learners from the course.

Manage the Course Library
Find out how to organize your course library and set access control to keep your content secure.

View Course Reports

View a Report of All Courses
Measure the effectiveness of your courses by viewing a report of all courses.

View a Specific Course Report
Discover learner scores, the effectiveness of quiz questions, course attendance, and more with Breeze Training reports.

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