Breeze Article

Running OpenSSL with NLB-clustered Breeze Servers

Frank S. DeRienzo Nick Calenda

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28 February 2006


This article is intended as a Breeze supplement to the Breeze Resource Center article, Clustering Breeze Servers with Microsoft Network Load Balancing and the NLB documentation provided by Microsoft; this is not exhaustive and does not serve as a replacement for NLB documentation. For details on NLB see the following link: Windows Server 2003 Network Load Balancing (NLB) Technical Library.  This article is also a supplement to the Breeze Installation and Configuration Guide and as such does not provide all the information needed to fully install and configure Breeze. This article also assumes that you will run Meeting and all other Breeze application using SSL.


Prerequisite knowledge: Basic networking skills, familiarity with OpenSSL and the Windows server IP stack and NLB, skill with DNS name resolution, masochistic tendencies disguised under a veneer of congeniality.

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